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We meander through the encampment observing various utensil used by the doctors and the medicine boxes, I can hardly imagine the pain the poor injured soldiers must have endured after being shot in the field, the medicine not being what it is today, and where the rate of survival was pretty slim. After a "pulled chicken sandwich", if you can call it that, they had ran out of "pulled pork", and some beans we were ready to hit the road again. The kids have had fun with the road over the years covering it in graffiti, most of it not safe for my blog but here's one I thought was cute. As you can see by the photos, the weather had turned bad and by the time we got back to the bikes it was raining.

I covered over 330 miles, it was a long day riding to go see a non existent town but we got to see Revolution era canons firing in Valley Forge and had a free lunch courtesy of Hermy's BMW. I first heard of it a long time ago and more recently in Jack's article in the BMW MOA magazine. I can't remember if it was a tv show, or how I heard of it, but it sounded so strange, almost creepy.
My friend Chris tok my K75 over the barrier, then came back and did it again with another F650.My purpose in taking this ride was to prove that we could take advantage of this global warming and cook our lunches on the scalding pavement.

The details of the ride were covered in a five page article in the BMW MOA magazine — The Owners News. I will be making a lot of trips to Toms River this summer, as my mother is again living in Holiday City.

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