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20th wk gestation (during pregnancy) Separation of placenta from uterine wall > 20th wk gestation (during pregnancy) Placental Abruption- hemorrhage results; Severity depends on degree of separation. Placenta Previa Abruptio Placenta Pathology: Sudden separation of normally implanted placenta. Tissue resembles grape clusters Tissue resembles grape clusters Uterus appears larger than expected for gest.
If exchange occurs, maternal antibodies attact fetal bl.cells, causing rapid lysis of RBC's.
Reduces fertility Reduces fertility ~ 1 in 100 pregnancies ~ 1 in 100 pregnancies More common > infection of fallopian tubes or surgery to reverse TL. Gestational trophoblastic disease - benign hydatidaform mole & gestational trophoblastic tumors aka & chorio carcinoma. 2 nd exposure, smaller IgG antibodies formed; can cross placenta & destroy fetal red blood cells.

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