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They have a standard RCA input jack so you can connect your iPod and listen to tunes while you shoot.
One reccomendation I would make is to place a piece of paper between the cushions when collapsed and stored. I’ve had these for a few years and often shoot at an indoor range with 10-15 active shooting lanes.
I’m making this assumption because the plastic outer shells are the same, with the sloping black plastic cover on one side and on the other side they have the teardrop shaped speaker with the volume control. Based on my classes in physiology [the science may have changed in the intervening thirty-plus years] I suspect another advantage to these muffs. By allowing 80db background noise, the muffs allow for this accommodation, reducing if not eliminating damage.
3) There is one particular range where the fans are so loud or are oscillating at the just-wrong frequency or something where these things go absolutely nuts. Question: On these muff, is the band that goes over your head (encapsulated in vinyl) steel or plastic. They work good for outdoor use with pistols and for hunting; I recommend wearing plugs underneath them for long guns and indoor use. Fine system even has provision for replacement ear pads, of course, the down side is that the removable ear pieces can come off somewhere between the vehicle and the shooting booth! May it be for a shop class or for personal use, everyone using a horizontal band saw should know and understand band saw operation safety.
Make sure you are wearing clothes that fit well or sit on your skin snugly, but not too tight. Before you start using the saw, make sure the saw is secured where it won’t slip or fall over. Make sure you read the horizontal band saws manual thoroughly so you can know you are using the machine correctly and safely.

The lower halves of the muffs are slightly tapered (the call them cut-outs) to minimize this, but your mileage, mounting position and noggin may vary. I love getting done with a mag and turning around for my friend to step up and commenting on the conversation he just had while I was shooting. After letting them sit in my range bag the rubber surfaced cushions stick to each other, and made me afraid of ripping when separating them. I bought the same muffs from Dick’s Sporting Goods under the Field and Stream brand and hunting buddy has the same ones that he picked up from Academy Sports under a different brandname. Pulling both of ours apart, the had the same internal components literally down to the wire. I’ve used them extensively for about two years, and my only criticism is that the ear cushion seals are starting to get stiff. Are the muffs reviewed here today the ones that don’t just allow speaking level decibel noise to pass through but actually magnify voices? They do impact your ability to tell what direction the noise is coming from, but are accurate to within 45 degrees or maybe a little less.
If you ever heard the unshielded clicking and buzzing of a desperate phone trying to talk to a far away tower, it’s like that, but amplified.
But I’ve only ever experienced it at one range, and even then only at one particular area of that range. When you use a band saw, it shoots sawdust everywhere and getting a piece of that in your eye can cause you to either lose attention to what you are doing and hurt yourself. Loose clothing can get caught or cut in the saw, which could bring personal injury to you or others.
Keep your work area clean and free of clutter so you don’t trip and fall causing severe injuries or death. So I went down to my neighborhood Wally World and picked up a $15 pair of muffs that I reckoned would do the job.

That means instead of screaming to your buddy that he just made a helluva shot, you can carry on a normal conversation and still protect your ear drums. A funny bi product at my indoor range is that when I have the volume knob cranked up, the air conditioning vent sounds like a waterfall in the background. I believe there are electronic muffs that claim to magnify whispered voices and also claim to enable users to hear quiet footsteps. That’s a completely unscientific guess based on me sitting in the woods hunting and hearing squirrels and birds rustle around in the leaves. Even with muffs and plugs combined I get a headache from an hour of shooting at an indoor range, regardless of muffs used. With this type of powerful machine, even the smallest mistake can cause injury to you or to someone else.
Not only sawdust, but also, some wood have been treated with various chemicals that will also be in the dust, which could be harmful to your health if ingested or breathed.
These are the same reasons why you see construction workers wearing protective ear gear while using jackhammers or people at the shooting range wearing ear gear as they shoot.
It is also a good idea to pin-up your bangs or tie them back as well to keep them out of your way. Make sure the saw is completely off if you plan to leave it, even if it is just for a minute.
When the end of the wood has come too close to the blade, use a stick to push through instead of your hands. It’s great to be able to carry on a conversation withing constantly taking off your ear protection and putting it back on.

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