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The siren call of the sea had me in its grip once again.By Anita Rao-Kashi With a whoosh and a 40 kg weight on my shoulders, I suddenly sank below the surface.
A second later, my feet touched the ocean floor of soft white sand, and I felt slightly better. The outside felt like an assault and I wanted to savour the experience for a few more moments, so I sat on the edge of the pontoon, feet dangling over the water. The horizon was cloudless and the sea was fast turning into a quivering mass of deep orange-gold, while the sun was a large plate of crimson and moving rather rapidly.
I stood on the beach, surrounded by scores of people, all watching the spectacle in near silence, broken only by the sound of the waves. All too soon, the sun disappeared in a glorious splash of colours and I felt like applauding. A gently sputtering, tiny boat pushed off from the shore and in a few minutes we were all alone in the midst of an incredible looking sea, a collage of cobalt, aquamarine blue and emerald green. Tired and satiated, and the sun beating down mercilessly, it was good to lay down, lulled by the sound of the waves. The serenity was occasionally broken by the animated shouts of a couple of children in the next cove who were clearly excited about being in the water. In the distance we saw the surface of the water constantly being broken by blobs and we raced towards it. I encountered the mysterious and soulful-looking tarsier, a fist-sized primate that can turn its head 180 degrees and rumoured to be the inspiration for the character of Yoda from Star Wars. I felt my stay had gone in the blink of an eye and yet my head was reeling from all the experiences.
From walking on the ocean floor to being suspended in air, I was astonished at the range of experiences.

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