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It should be noted that many individuals who are infected with Lyme disease show little or no early symptoms of the disease, further complicating diagnosis.
Early symptoms can appear as flu-like and may include fatigue, nausea, headaches, fever, muscle aches, stiff neck. FYI Breathing Difficulties? Frequent yawning or sighing during the day ? Waking up in the morning with a headache or fuzzy headed feeling (morning trying to do if it causes shortness of breath.
Olfaction Regained, Using The Polite yawning TechniqueHow can you avoid irregular breathing and shortness of breath?
Poisoning due to black mold usually occur when an individual is exposed to mycotoxins produced by black mold species. In order to prevent black mold exposure symptoms, you have to make sure that you monitor your surroundings regularly and take precautionary measures to prevent exposure. Six foot tall with chiselled cheekbones and a trim physique, Daniel admits he never has any difficulty attracting the opposite sex. The blue tablets, which are available on the NHS, have long been viewed as essential medication for men in their 50s, 60s and beyond. But Daniel is one of a growing number of young males turning to the drug due to performance anxiety, triggered by a host of psychological issues from the proliferation of porn on the internet making ‘normal’ sex seem boring, to financial pressures. Viagra was even blamed for its part in the suicide of a 24-year-old writer earlier this year, after his girlfriend discovered he was secretly using it.
James Andrews’s body was found on a railway line between Bristol and Bath on Valentine’s Day. Daniel, now an entertainment promoter, was just 20 and on a weekend with friends in Amsterdam when he took his first pill. On two occasions, he was even prescribed it by his GP, albeit with warnings about the long-term effects such as blue-tinged vision, heart problems and hearing loss. Now Daniel says he always has a stockpile of the drug — on which he says he spends up to ?1,000 a year — either by consulting private doctors or by picking up supplies when he travels to Spain for work. He says: ‘I diet, I exercise at the gym regularly and I am almost as fit as I was when I was a teenager. So why is a drug, once linked to greying, paunchy men past their prime, now taking over the sex lives of the young and seemingly virile?
What’s more, what does it say about our sexualised society where even the natural prowess of youth is not enough for the young men of today? Harley Street psychosexual counsellor Raymond Francis says he sees about 15 men a month who feel dependent on Viagra. But Raymond, who is based at the Apex Practice, says: ‘I think this is just a small sample of the problem. In many cases, Raymond says his male patients have been influenced by seeing internet pornography from a young age. Sam places the root of his problem on internet porn, which he says he started viewing when he was 12 — long before he lost his virginity. But though Sam found the drugs nearly always helped him perform, ultimately they became a barrier to him finding a long-term, intimate relationship. Keeping his reliance on the drug secret, however, placed unbearable pressure on relationships: ‘It meant I could never fully commit emotionally because I couldn’t be honest about this most basic thing.
It was when Sam fell in love with his new partner Emily after they met at a party that he realised he needed help. Raymond says another common thing is men reporting they feel intimidated by the sexual confidence and demands of modern young women. One such sexually confident woman is Nicola, an attractive finance worker in her late 20s who admits it was partly the sexual demands she put on her partner which helped trigger the anxieties that contributed to his impotence.
Nicola says her attitude to sex is typical of her generation, and many of her girlfriends are reporting similar problems in the bedroom. Another reason male patients in their 30s turn to Viagra is the pressure on them to produce babies within a strict timeframe. Raymond says: ‘These are men in conventional partnerships where the woman has chosen to defer birth until her career is established and then finds it difficult to get pregnant. The NHS spends around ?58?million a year handing out more than ?17?million repeat prescriptions for impotence drugs. At the moment, only men with health conditions — prostate cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis or kidney failure — that are known to reduce their sex drive are supposed to get them for free, though many psychosexual counsellors say it is being given to younger men with no physical reasons for impotence.

Managers at several NHS trusts are encouraging doctors to limit the number of tablets handed out to cut costs. As the drug’s manufacturer Pfizer points out, the drug should be taken only with a prescription from a healthcare professional and used according to the guidance on the label.
Over the past six years, Janice Hiller, a clinical psychologist who heads the Sexual Health Psychological Services team at Goodmayes Hospital in Essex, says she has seen an increase in the number of male patients dependent on Viagra.
Janice blames the trend on an increasingly sexualised society and the unrealistic expectations raised by the internet. She says: ‘Young men feel women expect sex very early on in a relationship, perhaps on the first or second date, and that creates performance anxiety if they are not really confident. Chartered Clinical Psychologist Dr Abigael San, who has treated patients caught in a circle of Viagra use, says: ‘These younger men believe they are only satisfying a woman because they are using the drug. The taboo around Viagra use among young men is so great that despite the embarrassment factor, Daniel is speaking up because he feels it’s time the issue was more openly discussed.
Glad to see an article getting the word out that young men are suffering, but dissapointed Viagra and performance anxiety took the blame.
And finally, "I know so many guys my age with the same issues who started off using it recreationally and now find it hard to stop. But, it is GREAT to even see articles like this getting the word out, and starting discussion! This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. The severity of black mold exposure symptoms depends on the duration of exposure and the quantity of spores. If you are residing in an area or place where there are high levels of humidity, make sure that you are aware of the areas where black mold will most likely grow. I’ve had 15 partners, while my partner’s only had five, so that’s another layer of pressure on him. In fact, I had more anxiety after I rebooted and I could get an erection, I didn't have any anxiety back when I was watching porn and could not get an erection! Remember he did start watching porn when he was younger, thus explaining the longer reboot. I just wonder if their increase in viagra use is parallel with their increase in porn tolerance. It would just be nice if Viagra and anxiety was not described as the root problem, but rather addiction related brain changes caused by watching porn. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of the science behind addiction. It offers a specific set of strategies, which allow the client to become more aware of their own thoughts and images in relation to external events or internal sensations. It took a while to find this out because doctors just told me that I was having an anxiety attack and that I should go back on prozac. This is to make sure that you keep these areas free from moisture in order to prevent black mold formation as well as the health hazards that come with it. But now I am in my 30s, I have been exposed to so much sex, I sometimes find it hard to do without Viagra. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit for research and educational purposes. The hypotheses will encompass predisposing factors (such as childhood or significant life events), precipitating factors (such as a recent death, break-up or event), and perpetuating factors (such as negative beliefs about others or lack of assertiveness).
If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. Any information you gather here or in the related forum is not professional advice and is provided solely for educational and informational purposes.
Please know that anything you share, even in posts protected from public viewing, may be included in future materials, although extreme care will be taken to insure that no details that would identify you personally will be included. As Therapy is generally only once a week, it is the client’s responsibility to collect information between sessions that can be used within sessions. Within this model the ‘A’ stands for Activating Event, this refers to the situation at the time of the feeling or thought, from what is observed to what is actually said to you or by you, even to you.

The ‘B’ represents your belief or thought, this is the interpretation you give to the event, and this can also be any images that occur to you at the time. The ‘C’ represents the Consequences to you and is divided into Consequences that are emotional and Consequences that are behavioural. These are usually the first things you’ll become aware of, as it will represent a change in you mood. From here you can identify the ‘A’ by asking yourself “what just happened.” It is now time to find the ‘B’ your thought or interpretation about the event that has made you feel a certain way. Examining predictions or beliefs about the feared outcomes of events also brings about change. Once this information is obtained a behavioural activation plan can be implemented in order to examine beliefs or interpretations about events. Progress is therefore made when new information is obtained about events, which then leads to the examination of biases and distortions in thought. However people who may be described as chronic worriers are often disturbed that they seem to spend much of their waking hours worrying excessively about a number of different life circumstances.
Worrying becomes generalised anxiety if it can be said to be generally excessive, persistent, intrusive and seemingly uncontrollable. Worrying can be said to be a sort of problem solving activity but in this case the problem is never solved. Including worry about a variety of events, such as health, financial problems, rejection, and performance. Generally many people do feel anxious about some social situations, such as giving a speech or talking in a group. Worrying about whether the speech will go well, or what other people will think is quite common. It is not uncommon for many speakers to feel this but go on to give the speech with anxiety decreasing as the speech goes on, feeling quite relieved when it is over.
They often fear that others will see some sign of anxiety, such as blushing, trembling, or sweating.
If this is not possible, they tend to feel very anxious or embarrassed and think that everybody has noticed. Social phobia is a severe, disabling form of shyness and can cause problems in people’s lives.
Mood fluctuations are normal and help inform us that something is missing in the way we want our lives and give us some incentive to change things. However, individuals who are depressed, describe low mood that has persisted for longer than two weeks. Depression has a variety of symptoms, such as loss of energy, loss of interest in activities and in life, sadness, loss of appetite and weight, difficulty concentrating, self-criticism, feelings of hopelessness, physical complaints, withdrawal from other people, irritability, difficulty making decisions (procrastination) and possibly suicidal thinking.
Mood may lift with a positive experience, but fall again with even a minor disappointment or when a challenge is met. The obsessions or compulsions may interfere with an individual’s life impacting on their social, occupational, relational, educational or general functioning.
The individual perceives them to be uncontrollable and intrusive to their daily functioning. Commonly thoughts may revolve around fear of contamination, illness, doing something embarrassing or immoral, hurting someone or forgetting to perform an action that can lead to disaster. It’s very common to feel anxious or nervous, indeed it’s a natural arousal state that alerts us and prepares us for danger.
A panic attack involves such an extreme level of arousal it can feel as if you are having a heart attack, going insane, or losing control of yourself. Common symptoms people feel during a panic attack are shortness of breath, tingling sensations, ringing in your ears, a sense of impending doom, trembling, a feeling of choking, chest pain, sweating, and heart pounding.

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