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It was really tough on my dad to live with his hearing loss and that is one of the reasons I am happy to talk about the Hearing Health Foundation and the work they are doing to help find a cure for hearing loss.  Shari Eberts, Chairmand and HHF Board of Directors, has suffered from hearing loss since her late twenties and has made it her mission to empower others to get a conversation going about hearing loss causes and research. As someone who lives with hearing loss everyday, I am personally thrilled with the prospects for a cure.  Life with hearing loss can be frustrating.
What are some steps that the HHF are taking to help find a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus?  Tell us how the discovery that chickens have the ability to regenerate their inner ear cells to restore their own hearing come about?  And how do researchers hope this will help find a cure? HRP officially launched in 2011 and is currently funding 5 projects from its consortium scientists, but the initial discovery that led to the HRP came many years before.  Many types of hearing loss result from damage to the delicate hair cells of the inner ear. While studying how drugs that are known to cause hearing damage affect the tiny sensory cells in the ear, these scientists needed to permanently damage a chicken’s hair cells.  For 10 days, research assistants administered a common antibiotic, known to cause hearing loss, to laboratory chickens.
The amazing thing is that regeneration happens naturally and very robustly in almost all animals – mammals are the exception.  This makes HHF and the researchers confident that we will find a way to stimulate this regeneration in mammals, including humans.
The HRP consortium of scientists has developed a strategic research plan to develop a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus in 10 years.
The HRP is currently in Phase I of its strategic research plan (years 1-5).  This first phase focuses on searching for the genes or series of genes that trigger natural regeneration of hair cells in animals such as birds and zebrafish. Phase II (years 3-8) starts with the residual cells that remain in a mammal’s inner ear after hearing loss and uses the genes identified in Phase I to trigger hair cell regeneration.
In Phase III (years 8-10), the HRP Consortium will partner with a pharmaceutical or other company to develop drugs that mimic the identified genes, resulting in a regenerative therapy. Subscribe to Hearing Health Magazine, our award-winning leading consumer publication on hearing loss.  Get the latest on research breakthroughs, strategies to manage hearing loss, personal stories, hearing technologies and products, and features on seniors, pediatrics, veterans, musicians and more.

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The practice of ear candling dates back approximately 2,500 years to the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Tibetan and American Indian cultures. Ear andle is inserted through a hole in a plate specially designed to collect wax, and placed into the external ear canal. Ear candling creates a low-level vacuum that draws ear wax and other debris out of the ear and into the hollow candle. But imagine seeing your child suffer from hearing loss, with no cure in sight and unable to comfort them.
Hearing loss and tinnitus, which is most commonly described by patients as a ringing in the ears, can be a sad and lonely way of life.
Chickens have an almost magical way of regenerating their inner ear cells to restore their own hearing. Humans can’t regrow these cells—but in a game-changing breakthrough in 1987, HHF-funded scientists discovered that birds can.
This phase will also examine which genes in mammals prevent the natural regeneration of hair cells. HHF’s researchers are putting this information to use by aiming to develop a biologic cure that will restore hearing in humans in the next 10 years.

Surprisingly, when the scientists looked three weeks later, almost all the hair cells had returned.  They didn’t believe these results so they did the experiment again and again. The plan, developed specifically by the HRP scientists and updated to incorporate new findings and approaches, is a living document meant to guide but not limit the work. Finally, Phase I will determine the types of cells in mammals’ ears that could serve as available targets for regeneration therapies. Ear candles are made of cotton or linen that's wound into a cone shape, soaked in wax, and then allowed to harden. Sure enough, chickens can naturally regenerate their inner ear hair cells, restoring their hearing after damage. Relevance to this strategic plan is one of the criteria for a project to receive HRP funding. To highlight some exciting developments, HHF has launched a new public service announcement (PSA), “Chirp the News”, featuring a baby chicken who suffers from hearing loss who then goes on to live a happy, chirpy lifestyle! A mom of two and former Wall-Streeter in her forties, Shari has committed herself to supporting the search for a cure.  I had a chance to speak to Shari Eberts about the work they are doing at Hearing Health Foundation and how far off we are to finding a cure for tinnitus and hearing loss.

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