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Whether treating a toddler in an emergency or supporting a teen through chemotherapy treatments, we are dedicated to the care of each patient.
With a proven track record of providing world-class care to patients in more than 30 pediatric specialties, we are a model for other pediatric hospitals. Research is a cornerstone of the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta mission to enhance the lives of children.
At Strong4Life, created by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, our doctors, nutritionists and wellness experts create fun, easy ways to help your kids eat, move and live healthier. As a not-for-profit organization, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta relies on the generous financial and volunteer support of our community.
All those teen years of re-reading the plays sealed the first set of words in my head: Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, and Hamlet.
In my debut novel, How Wendy Redbird Dancing Survived the Dark Ages of Nought, Twelfth Night and The Merchant of Venice show up. By the end of the novel, race and revenge have played out their strange and horrible consequences in what I hope are redemptive ways.
This week as the terrible events in Boston unfolded, I was struck by the both depravity and heroism of humanity on view in the same moment. Those of you who follow my blog know I write YA fiction, but you may not also know that I’m a former high school and middle school teacher (15 years), an online instructor, and a teacher trainer.
Yet there are people who talk about teaching as if they could step in and take a teacher’s job tomorrow.
But let me reel myself in here: this post is not a rant against those who have done seat time in a classroom, apparently suffered, and then look down their noses the rest of their lives at the teaching profession.
If you are not a teacher, I imagine at least a few of the adjectives I used sailed over your head. As I work with teachers headed into a new school year, I consider the vast array of knowledge, processes, and new mandates our educators have to juggle when designing lessons, and something in me craves a formula, a distillation of all the complexity in order for our teacher-soldiers to march onward. So for those of you surrounded by notes, texts, computer, and other resources to plan those units of instruction, I’ve created a formula for lesson planning. This may seem like a quick and simple formula to outsiders, but there’s lots of knowledge and expectations and standards buried in these.
For those of you who don’t teach, please take a moment to take in these steps and appreciate the hard work teachers do to prep one three-week unit of study. Stay tuned for future blogs with writing prompts for you and your students at the end of each post.
Check out cognitive scientist Michael Gazzaniga’s explanation of how our brains work this way.
In Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New Mind, he argues that jobs of the future will require more storytellers and narrative designers. I’m always exploring ideas of how we can teach better storytelling while teaching literary analysis.
Show students the DIRECTV commercials, which are hilarious cause-and-effect sequences that lean toward the ridiculous but have enough plausibility that we pay attention. Assignment: divide chapters among partners or groups and ask students to connect the dots between key events and present them to the class with the following answers to these questions: Which plot development is most logical? Still ringing in my ears is the only parent complaint I’ve ever heard on the subject.

How do we integrate this type of writing practice into the average class period, burdened as it is with other reading and writing tasks and the demands of pacing guides and standardized tests? There are many other places to integrate prompts; these are just a few of the most obvious times to integrate them. It’s through teamwork at every level of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and with you, the family, that we are able to achieve excellence in pediatric care. Infants, teens and young adults belong in a children’s hospital where they can get specialized treatment from caregivers who know the important differences between children and adults. In conjunction with Emory University School of Medicine, Georgia Tech and Morehouse, Children’s seeks answers to the most challenging childhood medical conditions through teaching and research.
From picky eaters to passionate gamers, we have a slew of simple tips by experts who understand, because we’re parents, too. Your donations directly impact the lives of each family served by Children’s and support many initiatives such as clinical excellence, research, teaching, wellness and charity care. So the Bard’s pages got marked up yet again, highlighted with not only my impressions but tons of teaching ideas. It’s 1976, and when chatting with her neighbor, Diane, who quotes Shakespeare, Ronalda remembers the time her husband dragged her to see the 1968 Zeffirelli film, Romeo and Juliet.
It is none of his business, my retro philosophy of purity, simplicity, and innocence that was the 1980s.
As reporters wondered who could perpetrate such a crime, as police conducted a manhunt, we shook our heads; then as we saw footage of people running toward the blast and heard more evidence of people opening up their homes and restaurants to help, we felt hope.
It’s been 397 years of beauteous words, illuminating wisdom, uproarious comedy and heart-rending tragedy, and transcendent rhythms. That my other consuming passion is writing lessons for teachers and talking shop with them. An excellent unit of instruction is hard to launch, you have a million variables to consider, and everyone is watching you fail.
I could do a full-day workshop on each step–and we could spend a whole year perfecting the art of each step in our classrooms. For those of you who do teach, you do so much with so little time and resources, and I applaud you. How can we boost and hone our ability and our students’ ability to tell a great story and spot a stellar one? Students can work in pairs to connect these two actions in a paragraph of 50 words or less The story needs to make sense and entertain. In the low-stakes dress rehearsal area that is a journal, students can discover what they think as they see what they writeSo Romeo and Juliet is about the Big Idea of Love; that claim is no thesis statement yet.
They allow students to mull over the complex stages of thinking that lead to a finished draft and develop a perspective on their own writing strengths, weaknesses, and methods. Old school becomes new school when our kids realize that these authors grappled with very modern problems and timeless emotions. This is a go-to assignment when students finish a task early in order to prepare for the two uses described below. These journals allow students to explore and experiment with a range of essay prompts before making a final selection. If students hint at eating disorders, abuse, and other trauma in their lives, it’s impossible to turn our heads.

I’ve formed better relationships and understandings with my students because of what they have shared with me in their journals.
He’s returning her Walkman to her, one that a Mean Girl just tried to steal, and sees the cassette inside it. Thank Shakespeare for coining these and any other eloquent phrases that are everyday idioms now. I’ve authored, co-authored, or contributed to four different works on the art of lesson design. For example, some of the sequence may not follow the way your brain thinks, but try to take each step as a crucial task and determine how you can approach each one thoroughly. If a student can develop a character, create a narrative thread, or craft a symbol in personal writing, isn’t it that much easier for students to approach literature where they must analyze character traits, track a plot’s trajectory, or explicate the connotations of an image? In some ways, not much has changed with humanity, and journaling can get our kids seeing that.
Journal prompts can be listed alongside other tasks that students can pick up for ten or twenty minutes and return to at any time. Students can contemplate the entire work just read and call up evidence in a more casual writing foray to see if they have enough ideas, supporting examples, and passion about the topic to commit to it.
Writing on the discussion topics before speaking aloud is important rehearsal for more retiring students as well as those who speak extemporaneously and fearlessly. Students are more likely to be alone and more reflective, and, after a busy school day, their minds are freer, rambling, and needing open expression rather than serious drill assignments. What does he teach about human nature that inspires your own good thoughts and perhaps writing, too? Nope, you’re not going home yet, or if you are, please take this bag of stuff, or these gigs of digital work, and please get cracking. If partners have similar cards, it will be fun to see how different partnerships connect the same dots in very different ways.
I figure it may also help teachers to have this argument in their back pocket should parents, administrators, or pacing guides approach.
This can be followed by a pair-share or a brief class discussion where students share thoughts. They are particularly helpful when you have a range of abilities in your classroom and are trying to conduct mini-lessons with tiered groups, conference with students, and interact with several students within a class period.
Assign at least two of these before students conference with you or before they identify their choice. I was teasing him and I said, ‘Look at you, all tore up’—but he just kept saying, ‘It ain’t right.
This task also allows you to offer more than one or two essay prompts and give students a wider choice.

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