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I'm hearing a noise in my right ear that resembles those plastic tube toys that you spin around in circles and it makes that whistling kinda sound.I don't hear it when the room is relatively silent though. Seeing a doctor would be the normal first step to rule out a variety of conditions that might be treatable.
JERSEY CITY, NJ: With the push of a button, a perfectly healthy 34-year-old museum-goer named Ugo Dumont was transformed into a confused 85-year-old man with cataracts, glaucoma and a ringing in his ears known as tinnitus. Dumont donning the computer-controlled exoskeleton that can be manipulated to debilitate joints, vision and hearing.
Dumont had volunteered at Liberty Science Center on April 5 to don a computer-controlled exoskeleton that can be remotely manipulated to debilitate joints, vision and hearing and shared with the crowd what ageing feels like decades before his time. Headphones muffled his hearing while goggles left him with only peripheral vision due to macular degeneration while the suit's joints were adjusted to simulate the stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis.
Dumont's heartbeat raced from 81 beats per minute to 100 as the staff cranked up the ailments.
The Genworth Aging Experience is a traveling show created by Genworth Financial Inc, an insurance company, in partnership with Applied Minds, a design and engineering company, that allows museum visitors to feel first-hand the effects of ageing. The aim of the Genworth Aging Experience is to build empathy and awareness of the challenges elderly people face in everyday situations.

Genworth "brand ambassador" Candace Hammer, who narrated one demonstration of the ageing suit, said the show's aim is to build empathy and awareness of the challenges elderly people face in everyday situations.
Ultimately that understanding may spark families to start conversations with 75 million baby boomers in the United States approaching retirement, nearly one-quarter of the population, about long-term care and how to pay for it, said a statement from Genworth, which sells long-term care insurance. There are limits to how deeply the suit immerses the wearer in the ageing experience since it cannot simulate the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, the difficulty of urinating or not urinating, the trauma of Alzheimer's disease and dementia and so many of the other miseries that can be hallmarks of ageing. Still, even feeling just part of ageing's toll on the body had a dramatic effect not just on the volunteers who wore the suit but on audience members as well.
Robert Richards, 74, a retired publishing executive from Madison, New Jersey, said he now understood why his older golfing partners moved slowly. With him was his granddaughter, eight-year-old Maggie Richards of Mahwah, New Jersey, who said the "really cool" exhibit would change her behaviour, too. The 18kg suit also gave Dumont a taste of the weight gain people typically experience as they age. His heart raced from 81 beats per minute to 100 as the staff cranked up the ailments, pushing buttons and levers on a control board linked to the computer backpack that he wore. You just want to be in bed!" said Dumont, a photo agent who lives in the nearby New York City borough of Brooklyn.

That includes everything from joints so stiff you cannot get the breakfast cereal off the shelf to trying to talk to someone in a noisy restaurant when a neurological condition known as aphasia sends words bouncing around in your head.
Sometimes you think, 'Can't you just get up there and do it?!' " said Richards, who has had one hip replaced, suffers partial hearing loss and wears contact lenses. Its as though I had the open end of  one of these things on my ear, and I'm listening to the world around my through the tube. I do use an in-ear headset for my cell phone though, I have in-ear headphones on my computer, and once every other day my dog will try to lick my ears to death.Should I see a doc? I've heard of ringing sounds and wooshing sounds and all kinds of other stuff, but nothing like this.

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