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Slowly (like a snail) I have been crawling out of that hole and putting myself back together.
Thank you for respecting that I don’t want to talk dirty details, out of respect for the great love I experienced. I believe it is usually better to have experiences, even if they do not last, than to have never had them. My heart breaks for you but hang in there – something wonderful will come out of this – I promise! To make matters worse, my dad passed away at the end of April and I mistakenly reached out to this person (after a long silence) who only responded with cruelty.
You’re an incredibly inspiring and brilliant woman Lynn and through your business and friendships you help so many people. I’ve mentioned before that both of my parents ride and are both pretty big Triumph motorcycle enthusiasts. Not only is my folks’ ranch the home of multiple Triumph motorcycles and cars, but about 30 or so horses, too.
Check out this recent article and video that was filmed last week at my parents’ place – they were featured on San Diego’s 10 News. My goal last month was to have my wheels and forks complete by the end of July and have my rolling chassis together. Installing the front bearings took me an entire day to do – I think I stared at the Clymer instructions for most of the time out fear of doing it wrong. I installed the center stand with the pivot bolts in backwards the first try – like an idiot. Over this weekend, I’ll have tires on the wheels, my forks and wheels on the frame, with front brake installed.
I rode the 1979 Honda rat bike down with Liza, Doug, Karen from Re-Cycle, and a big groups of other guys. My forks are at the powdercoater’s and the wheels are being fine tuned at the shop,  so there wasn’t a whole lot to do on the Bonneville today. In between the coats drying, I also got the axle, bearings, etc out of the front Bonneville wheel – ready to get the wheels and forks on the frame next weekend. Since I shared the triple assault photo on my last post, I thought I’d share another cool pic of my grandfather’s from WWII… one of my faves. I think I must have the wrong sized spokes, so I’m taking the wheel back down to Raber’s to see if they can’t figure out what the problem is.
For anyone out there reading this, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about spokes, too, right?
Over the weekend I had the opportunity to take a tour of Blastolene, Michael Leeds’ garage,  who makes some of the most creative and over the top hot rods and motorcycle art pieces you’ll ever see. This weekend I had the rare honor of visiting the Blastolene garage, where creator and visionary Michael Leeds creates some of the most unusual and incredible machines I’ve ever seen. Thought I’d share a little something from my day job… One of my clients is a social virtual world called Meez, where you can create an avatar and interact with the other 13 million users on the site. As you know, the official story goes like this: "Her last known whereabouts are Don Lothario's deck, and Don's photo album and memory panel show that he had attempted some romantic interactions with Bella, which she didn't accept, before she mysteriously disappeared". When he was approaching his house, he noticed a strange reddish light coming out from the windows. The new Don looked at himself, then at the real Don trapped in the ice cube and laughed maniacally. Don woke up still feeling cold and uncomfortable, his head aching like it was going to bust right open.
Knowing Don's ways, and in order not to raise any suspicions, the alien replied: "I'm sorry, bellisima.

The gun went flying across the room, and the fake Don and Bella wrestled for a few seconds. I have a casserole in the oven as we speak that didn’t turn out so great, but it does at least look edible. I’ll share my weird casserole with you in my next update, along with what I ate yesterday (the same thing, over and over, lol). One way or another with God’s help, we push through the storms and move to the next (hopefully better) day. When I moved away for college, my Mom bred my thoroughbred mare, a grand daughter to Seattle Slew, and got into the racehorse business. I put the bearings in the freezer so they’d contract a bit, then hammered them into the hubs by placing an old bearing on top of the new ones and aiming for the outside edge. I’m waiting on the correct rear brake plate, which I may have powder coated as well, so I’ll just need to wait another week to install the rear brake.
Almost went off without a hitch until the rat decided to break down on me RIGHT at the gate.
It’s essential that the wheel is secure on a truing stand so you know the wobble is coming from the wheel, and not affected by its rotation on the stand. In a way, he views his creations as super human prosthetics.  I told him about my project and that I was in process of spoking my wheels, and after our discussion, I’m really glad I chose to do this myself.
His space reminded more of a store room for the 1900 World Fair than a garage, where airplane and semi-truck engines are reinvented into strange hot rods and trikes with every day found objects for functional parts, glass eyeballs for accents and other oddities.
His philosophy for creation put men on a level with gods and sees his creations more as prosthetics than vehicles. It depicted of a human figure, but when Don looked more closely, he felt a rush of blood to his face.
But the alien had Don's strength and it seemed to have a way of knowing what Bella's next move was going to be. It was hard to come up with a way that was consistent with the "official" story we were told.
Today, she’s working for an organization called TROTT, a rescue program that retrains and places ex-race horses into loving, permanent homes. At first, I had a severe wobble and obvious difference in the vertical spin, but I’ve managed to get the wheel spinning pretty close to true.  I still have a ways to go, but every time I sit down to work on this, I get closer and closer. The walls of the garage are covered in all sorts of interesting things, along with his found-art motorcycles. Most of our audience are teens, but I’ve been having a lot of fun making my avatar pretty cool. He would better go back home if he wanted to be fresh for the next day's latin dance competition.
Don distinctly knew: he didn't think anyone else had a doorbell that played "La Cucaracha". The house was rather small - at least to Bella's standards - and soon enough she had searched the entire ground floor, without finding any way down to the basement. The best thing is that most of it actually happened in my game in real time, with very little staging (only a few poses). I too am in a similar place with the collapse of a long-term marriage when I least expected it! So I decided to work on my rear wheel a bit, and upon tightening all the spokes completely, before they pierce through the end of the nipple, saw that nothing was tight and still had too much play. Someday I will get to ride this bike, but enjoy the process while I have the opportunity to experience it. A visit to his garage was highly inspirational and opened up a whole new way of thinking about my project and its possibilities.

I am almost caught up with all the events that happened in Pleasantview between TS1 and TS2. In a matter of seconds, the portal sparkled and changed, a blinding light coming out of it. I’m making Q4 plans for my business, making social plans for one, doing things with and for my children, planning trips with girlfriends. I recommend it to you because you are grieving,even if he didnt die all your dreams of future with him did. It scared the shit out of me, but luckily I was able to gain control and pull over to shut her off. It comes back down to patience, concentration and regular breaks in times of frustration. Every spoke I turn and part I have my hands on will give me a greater connection to the motorcycle once it’s complete, and ultimately, truly make it an extension of my own body. There was only one detail left: Bella Goth and her mysterious disappearance, which is a major component to the background story of both the Goths and Plasantview itself.
They had meet at their latin dance club and Don decided to pair with her for the upcoming competition in order to have a chance to "know" her better. I have been all over the map ( mentally), CO, CA and even NC (3 places I have children living). We had to stash her for the day in a random lot, and drive back up with a trailer to bring her home.
Our only guess was that the rim needed to be turned the other way, so I removed all the spokes and started over again. It’s tough making choices that need to be made now, not having a full visual of the end result. You’re most likely to have an old wheel to rebuild, so if anything, take pictures of the pattern before dissambly and simply recreate it. My preference is to do this while no one is around with some good music to zen out to, and I’m actually finding the process somewhat enjoyable and meditative. He was particularly pushy this afternoon, throwing flirtatious jokes at Bella and flashing her constant grins. Also, in Ts1 she seemed to me like a refined, elegant woman, who, according to her bio, enjoyed "a variety of sports, from golf to miniature golf". It was sticky (spoke oil) and I was definitely feeling a little perturbed, but figured this had to be solution. This step is surprisingly easy to do, but for more technical details on the process, check out this great how-to on lacing and truing wheels. I’m very much looking forward to experience it for myself, but in the meantime, I’m taking my time, not skipping corners and enjoying every last minute of it. I hope when I tell you that your blog and low carb teachings were the catalyst for my weight loss it helps you cause it certainly gave me back my confidence! The spokes weren’t fitting correctly through the rim and were starting to bend the ends of the spokes, straining to reach where they weren’t supposed to be in the first place. Every choice made cancels out so many other possibilities.  Kind of scary, really, and one of the harder parts of the build, wheel frustration aside.

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