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Lovely subject I know but excess ear wax can be a problem, especially if it turns into an ear infection.
Did you know that earwax is a self-cleaning agent, with protective, lubricating and antibacterial properties?
Impacted earwax can cause hearing loss, ear infection, pressure, itching, ringing and discharge. A tried and true home remedy for excess ear wax is the use of warmed olive oil in the ear canal. It softens the ceruman, allowing easier removal of excess ear wax. If you suffer from a more serious impaction or you can’t get good results at home, you may need to get the earwax removed by a doctor or ear specialist who can manually remove the wax using an otoscope and appropriate instruments.

I know you’re talking about a specific problem but I would caution your readers to not do this unless you have a specific problem that has been identified by their doctor. I would like to try the ear wax removal that you make, but have read that it is not safe to put essential oils directly into the ears, could you tell me how you found out that this is safe. You don’t want to drip EOs in the ear, simply wipe the inside with a bit of carrier added. I have always been told to NEVER put essential oils into the ear, so I don’t understand how this is safe?! The softened wax comes out of the ear canal easily and can be wiped away with a soft cloth or tissue.

I have a Great Dane female who always has problems with wax and dirt in her ears, because of the wind in NM which carries dirt everywhere. In a perfect world, excess earwax travels slowly out of the ear canal, carrying dirt, dust and other small particles with it. Just know that initially, adding olive oil may feel like it’s causing more blockage because the wax softens and expands inside the ear.

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