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The Internet, as awesome as it is at times, is nonetheless chock full of time-wasting, falsely-labeled and often useless dead-ends. While it doesn't exhibit the best (or even decent image quality) that's not what we're after. Getting off at Newcastle we make yet another mental note to explore this city properly one day, (how we’ve failed to do so after living just 90 minutes away for the past 11 years remains a mystery)  but today we see very little of the place, the view obscured through the bizarrely dot matrixed window, on the 20 minute bus journey taking us to the North Sheilds ferry terminal.
As much as I love St Pancras and the Eurostar, I have to admit the DFDS ferry is a superior option for those of us inhabiting Northern Britain, being pretty much the easiest connection we have to continental Europe.
I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this journey as much as I did. Things start wonderfully with perhaps the quickest and easiest check in I’ve ever experienced on British soil. Our room was a mid level option:  a twin, seaview cabin with an ensuite bathroom that was roomy enough.
The good news for InterRail travellers is that you can use your pass to get a 25% discount off this route, so long as your pass is not the one country UK one. We make our way up to the Sky Bar, at the Crow’s Nest, where the much-touted free barbecue transpires to be a man jealously guarding a single, pathetic curl of bacon.
There are 3 restaurants on board – a steakhouse, a slightly more upmarket ala carte affair and a buffet. The buffet offered an impressive range of fresh, tatsy canapes, cold meats, cheeses, salads and fish dishes, plus half a dozen mini desserts to mix and match, but its hot meals were generally less appetising, as you might perhaps expect.
You do get the option to purchase a 25% discount on a pre-booked meal when you book your cabin, which seems like the sensible option to go for, if you’re not too fussy about menu choices. Soon enough the cricket hats are throwing shapes on the dancefloor, determined to wring whatever japes they can from what looks like a decidedly pedestrian stag night, accompanied by the odd confused toddler, while rows of bewildered punters of various ages sit on gormlessly agog, like the audience from Phoenix Nights.

We’re startled by the sight of four middle aged German men, kitted out in identical grey plaid shirts, tucked neatly into indigo jeans, marching in formation while their wives capture the occasion on film.
Later we lie tiddly in our beds and gently lilt from left to right, as we listen to the dull grumble of the engine. The music is terrible, the atmopshere negligible, the drinks only moderately less overpriced than the food, but we enjoy ourselves immensely all the same. We emerge the next morning feeling relatively refreshed, there’s more of a queue to exit than there was to board, but the coaches sit obediently outside and whisk us effortlessly enough to Amsterdam in 40 minutes.
Ironically our ferry crossing, booked more as a novelty and a way to start the trip without recourse to another joyless Ryanair flight, turns out to be perhaps the best of 5 overnight journeys we take, out classing the various night trains we sample on every measure. We paid for our own cabin with DFDS, but both InterRail passes were kindly provided by Eurail and ACP Rail International respectively. Gah, and I thought I had me Slang Lock switched on, cor blimey guvnor, apples n pears, stone the crows etc!
We're after the sweet, sweet nectar of V-12s and W-16s firing at maximum revs, and this video is 25 seconds of auditory glory. I had visions of hoardes of rampaging Brits hungry for the licentious promise of Europe’s most liberal city. There are two shuttle buses from Newcastle Station timed around train arrival times, we get the latter one at 3.30 PM. No frills in terms of decor but the beds were cosy, the room was quiet, carpeted and there was nothing especially claustrophobic about it. We get into the lift and smile polietly at a short middle aged lady with a lugubrious face and purple cardigan. We struggle with a locked door and are directed to another by an especially grizzled looking Geordie.

There’s a group of a dozen or so cricket hatted, England shirted stags who happen to be all standing precisely on a the red circular heliport, making them look a little like a tactical bombing target and a nice arrangement of rattan chairs, all sadly taken, so we head instead of the surprisingly chic Compass bar from where we gradually watch a rather  castle marooned on the Geordie shore scroll by and later the sea and horizon merge into one harmonious band of azure.
It soon became clear to us that if DFDS reels you in with their great value cabins, this is where they make up any shortfall.
The boat had its own cinema and casino, of sorts, but the main action is split between the two bars.
We have that tangible excitement of a journey beginning, of crossing a body of water into new frontiers.
Rough-shot on the streets of London and hacked together with little art, it's still a great way to spend a few seconds on a Thursday evening. It takes us a few seconds to register his accent, which was so impenetrable that we mistook him for a Dutchman to begin with. You’re a captive market for a good 18 hours and they capitalise on this by presenting very few budget options. We opted for the buffet with the logic that at 32 euros each at least we could enjoy a  range of dishes over 3 courses.
We present our tickets at check in and march straight through customs,  stopping for a quick friendly chat with staff manning the gate and then we hop on board the ship, some 5 minutes after arriving, top that!
From nowhere, the Head of Security springs into action, clearly relishing a chance to wield his handcuffs.

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