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The LED substrate surface acts as a display, showing the time using the grid of LEDs below the layers. Until the Glo Pillow moves from concept to reality, we’ll keep dreaming of waking up to a gentle rising luminescence until that all-too-familiar alarm starts ringing into our ears. One last thing about earplugs (and Q-Tips), is that overtime they can push earwax into your ear canal and eventually create a blockage. Too many concerts (or even one bad one) without ear plugs can get you (the ringing you hear after a show is not a good sign). During my eight-year tenure at Turbo Recordings, I would guess that I’ve received over 50,000 demos, and personally listened to a total of about 200,000 songs. What We Say: Have you ever been to a concert and stood next to the speakers and left with that awesome ringing in your ears? STILLWATER, USA – KICKER® HP1973 Over-the-Ear Stereo Headphones are a throwback with a retro look and legendary KICKER sound, ideal for music lovers and musicians alike. The HP1973 reflects the musical history of KICKER while still providing high-performance sound that KICKER is known for. A 65-inch, braided cloth-covered cable is tangle-free and provides more freedom for movement while you listen. KICKER performance audio systems, a division of Stillwater Designs and Audio, Inc.®, are available for the mobile and home audio aftermarket at authorized dealers worldwide, and also through selected Original Equipment Manufacturers. That sudden jolt from deep sleep is not always pleasant, but we get up experiencing half a heart-attack and start the day anyway.

The user goes into deep sleep, and forty-five minutes before the pre-set alarm time, the pillow begins to glow from 0 lux to 250 lux, mirroring a calm awakening to a natural sunrise.
The LED display also shows a battery indicator that glows green when it’s charging, and red when it requires charging. There’s no coming back from serious hearing damage or Tinnitus (ringing in your ears). Well these new Kicker HP1973 Headphones are pretty much that experience without the leftover ringing noise. The dynamic, full-range audio hits all the highs and lows in every song, making every playlist sound live.
Features ambient sounds of the environment that will help you relax during the day and sleep great at night. And when the red light glows, the Glo Pillow uses induction to charge—that is, the pad simply rests on the bed and charges as required. My Engineering professor would also recommend complete silence for 15 mins if time was tight. If you can’t get your hands on one the trick is that the mix level should be quiet enough that you can have a comfortable conversation with someone in your room.
Having said all that, it’s sometimes unavoidable to crank it every once in a while so you can really feel the track!
So I’ve noticed that many session drummers and guitar players use such things to protect their ears.

The headphones take insight straight from 1973, the year that inspiration for KICKER sound busted out of a single-car garage.
Weighing in at just more than five ounces, the super-lightweight set with adjustable headband provides an ultra-comfortable fit. HP1973 Headphones also interact with all KICKER Docking Systems, including those for iPhone, iPod or Zune devices. Designers Eoin McNally and Ian Walton may have the solution with their own Glo Pillow—a pillow surfaced with LED fabric substrate that creates a glowing light for a more natural way of waking up.
Captain Kirk got Tinnitus from an explosion on the set of original Star Trek and he still suffers 45 yrs later).
The black-gloss earphone cups provide incredible comfort with leather-lined cushiony padding surrounding the ear. Dual-chrome wire feeds into a leather-padded headband with the KICKER name etched into the top.
After weeks of suffering and freaking out that my career was over, it felt like I was hearing for the first time!

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