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Author: admin | 12.11.2014 | Category: Ringing In The Ears Causes

Making its International premiere, and co-presented by both the NYAFF and Japan Cuts 2011, is Yu Irie’s latest film, Ringing in their Ears.  The film stars Fumi Nikaido, Kurumi Morishita, and Shinsei Kamattechan in a multi storyline movie surrounding a rock bands concert. I don’t blame my slight dislike on just the filming method itself, I think the acting also makes a significant contribution as well.  I enjoyed Michiko’s acting because she played a convincing angry teenager. You can catch Ringing in their Ears on July 7th at the Japan Society or on July 11th at the Walter Reade Theater.

If you happen to get more interested in what shogi Nikaido Fumi plays in this film is, I would recommend to check out HIDETCHI’s shogi channel on YouTube.
She was probably around 18 so I don’t know how much was really acting and how much was her acting out like any menstruating woman.   As for everyone else, they were either decent, bad, or awkward, or possibly displayed a combination of all three.

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