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February 8, 2016 by Kristin 1 Comment You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? Coffee shop inspiration…and Matt, the guy that helps inspire me to tackle our dreams together. So, it was especially appropriate to see this coffee shop quote as we re-initiated our travels again after our mind blowing, busy holiday season for Destination Tree. I personally think you can’t visit Napa Valley without getting a picture by this sign.
After recommendations from several friends, we decided on a self-guided bike tour through the grape-growing countryside to do some wine tasting. Anyhow, some might say late December is not the best time to visit Napa because the vines are bare and the temps are chilly.
There was not a chance I was going to pass up the opportunity to spend time with my cousins while in California.
I’ll leave the detailed description to Matt’s next paranormal blog post, however I will say, if you are ever in the Bay Area, stop and check this place out.
The old widow maintained constant construction for 38 years as an attempt to keep the millions of souls killed by Winchester guns at bay. All the snow, and all the rain, that travels from the mountains and gathers to create a pounding watefall.
Matt likes the mantra, “Do something every day that scares you.” He likes it more than I do, mostly because I can be a big fat scairdy cat.
Tire chains (or tire cables, I really don’t know the difference) installation in-progress. I’ve been asked several times, what my favorite place has been on our road trip across the country.
And there was a soul stirring silence standing in the midst of Giant (absolutely GIANT) Sequoias with the snow blanketing everything around us. Sometimes you just need a moment to praise the beauty of nature and majesty of Giant Sequoias.

There were only a few other brave souls who ventured into the park in this weather and we were all rewarded.
My words fail me to truly describe the scenery here, so instead of rambling on, go ahead and scroll through about a hundred pictures.
Another view of King’s Canyon, as we tried not to drive off the road it was so pretty. Destination Tree creates hand-crafted & inspirational driftwood art: centerpieces, hanging driftwood signs & collages, customized with anything meaningful & inspirational. We are all fellow travelers on life’s journey, and Destination Tree artwork tells a story of our past, present and future. We had stationed ourselves in Oregon for the holidays, and the day after Christmas we were ready to find some sunny California skies and to check off some big destinations on our “always wanted to do” list. I can’t say I’m a wine connoisseur, but I do know I like to drink it, and that’s what’s important right?!
It was perfect because we set our own pace and got some exercise while we went from tasting to tasting to tasting. Along with winter hats, bike helmets, and our trusty Vinnebago, which carried water on this particular day. We weren’t jammed shoulder to shoulder in tasting rooms, we didn’t battle traffic on the roads with our bikes and it felt like a stroll through the country.
Disregard the super touristy gift shop and walk the impeccably maintained grounds, along with a guided mansion tour through over 110 of the 160 rooms.
Staircases to nowhere, windows in the floor, and secret one-way doors…it’s the most bizarre mansion you’ll ever experience. While I would have loved to hike back-country trails, and gotten an up-close view of Half Dome, we were somewhat limited to the main thoroughfares and shorter hiking options due to the winter weather.
I was the one who lost a bit of logic and did the egging on when we climbed higher and higher in elevation driving to King’s Canyon National Park. This is where I said, “I told you so”, snow chains and increasing ice and snow will be worth it when we get there!

Okay, maybe not a hundred, but far too many for a blog post because I just couldn’t narrow them down.
And 2) Well, I guess you could say that this has been an overarching theme of our year-long road trip since we’re following two big dreams…growing our business and traveling the country and it’s many National and State Parks. We had purchased snow chains for the truck, which were required in the park (Up to $5,000 citation if caught without them…or the more likely result, dropping thousands of feet to your death off the side of the cliff because you have no traction. This photo might look like it was distorted disproportionately, but I promise it is completely unaltered. So, whether we call it a “bucket list” or the pursuit of our “destination tree” destinations, or just following our passions, I hope our adventures inspire you to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.
There were definitely tourists in the Yosemite Valley, but not bumper to bumper by any means. King’s Canyon however, will always stand out in my mind as one of the most magical places I’ve ever been. We breathed the fresh air and gazed at the blue skies skimming acres and acres of California vines.
We had winter waterfalls almost to ourselves and admired the snow and ice draping El Capitan and Half Dome. The weather had a lot to do with it, because the snow covered every tiny branch and needle in glistening white. Already covered in snow, with more coming down, Matt suggested it might be better to come back another time. Uphill hikes, waterfalls, FOOD (duh), Skip-Bo, hugs, and endless laughs with Heads Up and Charades on NYE.

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