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Striking in beauty, these sapphire and diamond hoop earrings create a circle of color and sparkle set in 18k white gold, a delicate accent to any ensemble.
Dramatically complementary, these petite sapphire and diamond earrings feature pear-shaped deep blue sapphires hanging gracefully from round brilliant diamonds set in 18k white gold.
Two lively oval blue sapphires are set in 18k white gold and surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds in these classic earrings. Timeless elegance gains a touch of color in these dazzling dangle earrings, showcasing vibrant pear-shaped sapphire gemstones surrounded by halos of round brilliant diamonds set in 18k white gold. We're sorry, it looks like you're using a browser that doesn’t fully support Zoara's website graphics. I think the description of these wonderful earrings is accurate and that if some customers don't know how to estimate mm sizes that it's their problem.
A pair of diamond and gemstone earrings seemed like a great choice when I was searching desperately for a birthday present for my little sister.

I don't know about you, but when I see a stunning piece of jewelry for a relatively low price I tend to get a little suspicious. I was looking for a hot pair of diamond earrings and these were exactly what I was looking for.
The only annoying part is that I must remember to remain careful about the amount of pressure I put on them. My ears are usually not so fond of earrings, that is to say that I'm quite sensitive and allergic to some metal alloys, but in this case there are no signs of allergy and it seems this pair is completely harmless and a perfect match for my ears. Ordered in sushi, cause I can't cook to save my life, poured us some bubbly and gave her the studs. The earrings are gorgeous and I feel pretty in them (which is the mark of a truly amazing piece of jewelry). Sure, there not dramatic and standing out, but even in a dark party I could see them and realize their beauty.

It's a staple jewelry item for me, and will probably remain such for several years to come.
They're elegant and they're sentimental and she was very touched when I gave them to her on her birthday, She said that the best thing about the earrings was that she could keep on wearing them in her 20s and 30s and that they would never go out of style. The diamond earrings I got are every bit as impressive in real life as they were on the Internet! I love this pair and I think it can serve as a great gift for women who appreciate themselves. The quality is top notch, the customer service was wonderful, and the earrings were delivered right on schedule!

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