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NuEar SDS™ hearing aids feature our most advanced wireless technology in a newly styled, ergonomic design.
Superior Hearing Aid Center offers the services of highly trained and experienced technicians. NOW is NuEar's most advanced technology that offers supreme sound quality and premium features.
NuEar SDS hearing aids are our most advanced line of wireless hearing aids — in a redesigned and easy-to-use style. Our original line of wireless hearing aids, LOOK is designed to deliver improved sound clarity even in the noisiest situations. Sleek and modern outside, loaded with world-class technology inside, Imagine 2 hearing aids deliver the benefits you want and expect from digital hearing aids. Intro is NuEar’s line of value-priced hearing aids that sound great and perform dependably in a variety of normal listening situations.

CareCredit® offers a range of affordable plans for hearing aids and hearing loss treatment costs.
These reliable, high-performance hearing aids are designed to make people come in clearer and every environment sound better. Whether ita€™s routine maintenance or extensive repairs, we can handle repairs on all brands that other manufacturers wouldna€™t consider taking. These reliable, high-performance and virtually waterproof hearing aids are designed to make people’s voices come in clearer and every environment sound better.
LOOK can also stream stereo sound from your TV, radio, computer and even your cell phone directly to your hearing aids. Contact your hearing professional or visit the CareCredit website for more information. Combined with our SurfLinkA® accessories, they're also designed to enhance the way you listen to music, watch TV and talk on the phone.

Combined with our SurfLink® accessories, they’re also designed to enhance the way you listen to music, watch TV and talk on the phone. So you can enjoy hands-free phone conversations and listen to TV or radio at the volume you want, while those around you can listen at the volume most comfortable for them.
Imagine 2 is designed to improve speech understanding in noisy environments and make listening easier no matter where you are.

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