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Have small scratches, wear and not care about in the whole slick glossy in-a beautiful face. Until the Green system such as Tahitian black pearls is a subtle color difference, so please choose Pearl colour of your choice. I had 5 millimeters - 5.5 millimeters of pretty small gray (blue) pierced earrings of the pearl oyster pearl again. Also if your monitor allows photo and slightly different.You may also vary and are individually made by hand one by one, the size and details.

Pt900 earrings frame your choice of when we will catch double-lock type automatically.In that case, do not charge Pt900 double expression caught minutes charged.
3 mm piercing, caught a break complete hard off the easy-to-use triple time, Silicon rubber, 4 mm and 5 mm K18 goals made of gold will be delivered with a silicone double catch.
There is the small wound, but, with a thing of the degree I can arrive, and not to be worried about, is a general beautiful aspect glossy slipperily. Pearl oyster pearl blue, the atmospheric amorous glances only by the gray can be enjoyed, too.

Please totally choose the ball of favorite amorous glances from gentle blue system such as the natural to the basic blue gray system, green system such as the Tahiti black butterfly pearl because there is difference in a delicate color. The item which it is small baby pearl pierced earrings, but lets your heart be happy and excited.

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