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To determine the correlation between hypertensive retinopathy (which is the end-organ damage of the vessels due to chronic hypertension) with sensorineural hearing loss. Pure tone hearing threshold of 56 hypertensive patients were compared with 56 normal age and sex matched control.
The mean hearing thresholds were higher (worse) in all the frequencies on both sides in the hypertensive study group compared with normal subjects.
Hypertensive patient with grade I retinopathy had higher pure tone hearing thresholds at 4,000 Hz and 8,000 Hz compared to hypertensive without retinopathy and normal control.
Hypertensive retinopathy appears to be associated with high frequency sensor neural hearing loss. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Hearing Health seeks to cover the rapid changes taking place in hearing healthcare, locally, nationally and globally. Acquired low frequency hearing loss is rare, compared to noise-induced high frequency loss. New mothers’ hearing is not routinely tested, but based on this new evidence, women who have experienced preeclampsia should be referred for audiologic testing at two months postpartum.

Baylan MY, Kuyumcuoglu U, Kale A, Celik Y, Topcu I.  Is preeclampsia a new risk factor for cochlear damage and hearing loss? To request an appointment at NYOG by email, please give us your contact information in the form below and we will get back to you shortly with available dates. For over 17 years, the NYOG has specialized in the ear, nose and throat, and ranks among the country's leading diagnostic and treatment centers for otolaryngology-related illnesses. Taking care of your hearing is important, especially since we now live in such a noisy world.
There are many things you can do, like wearing earplugs when you know you are going to be in a situation where noise levels are extreme, or avoiding these situations altogether, as well as being responsible with the volume levels of your music devices and television. Continued exposure to these and other excessive environmental noise is a major contributor to hearing loss. If you are experiencing hearing loss in one or both ears, or if you have a constant ringing [also known as tinnitus (tin-NY-tus)] or any pain or ache, come in to see us. Comparisons of pure tone hearing threshold are made among different group (grade) of hypertensive retinopathy patients and control (non-hypertensive patients). NYOG physicians have consistently been recognized among the city's foremost doctors within their areas of specialization.

Whether you live in a big city, like New York City, the suburbs or a rural area, technology can provide many opportunities for damaging your hearing.
Whether environmental, health-related or genetic, our docs will get to the root of the problem and provide solutions.
The mean hearing threshold is higher in all frequencies in the presence of retinopathy compared to control. Staffed by an exceptional team of board-certified physicians and specialists, the NYOG adheres to a comprehensive disease management approach to ensure its patients receive the best possible care of their sinus, head and neck, hearing and balance, speech and swallowing, and sleep apnea conditions.
We are here to answer any and all of your questions because at NYOG…we are here to clear things up. However, the difference was found to be only statistically significant in the mean hearing threshold between grade I and control at 4,000 Hz and 8,000 Hz on both sides and at 1,000 Hz and 2,000 Hz on right ear.
As well, its facial plastics practice offers a broad array of facial reconstructive surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

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