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Timely diagnosis and management of severe hearing loss may significantly improve your quality of life. In this article, you'll learn the causes and types of severe hearing loss, and what signs to look out for so that you can get diagnosed as quickly as possible. If you lose hearing, either suddenly or over time, you'll have trouble making out the details of conversations. Often, people with severe hearing loss become socially withdrawn because they are embarrassed at having to ask family and friends to repeat themselves over and over again. Normal hearing is considered to be in the range of 0 to 20 dB -- which denotes the softest intensity where sound is heard. Conductive hearing loss occurs from a problem in the ear canal, tympanic membrane (eardrum), or the middle ear that prevents sound from being carried effectively to the inner ear. Sensorineural hearing loss most commonly results from damage to the hair cells in the inner ear. Mixed hearing loss is a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, meaning that there may be a problem in the outer or middle ear, as well as in the inner ear (cochlea) or auditory nerve. Hearing loss occurs when there is a problem with the structures of the ear that process sound. Loud noise. Exposure to loud noises -- for example, from power tools, airplanes, firearms, or from listening to loud music on a personal listening device -- can damage the hair cells in the cochlea. Illnesses or infections. Measles, mumps, meningitis, and Meniere's disease are just a few of the conditions that can cause hearing loss. Malformed ear. Some people are born with poorly formed ear structures, which prevent them from hearing well.
Trauma. Injuries such as a skull fracture or a punctured eardrum can cause severe hearing loss.
Medications. Some types of drugs, including the aminoglycoside class of antibiotics (streptomycin, neomycin, kanamycin), large quantities of aspirin, chemotherapy drugs (cisplatin, carboplatin), Vicodin (in large quantities), macrolide antibiotics (erythromycin) can cause hearing loss. Genes. Scientists have identified certain genes that make people more susceptible to severe hearing loss, particularly age-related hearing loss. Please use the 'Report an Issue' button at the bottom of each page to let us know about inappropriate content or behavior. Ongoing Exposure to Noise on the JobLong-term exposure to continuous loud noise can cause lasting hearing loss. Michael Rothschild, MD, director, pediatric otolaryngology, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York.
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, National Institutes of Health.
Severe head trauma can dislocate middle-ear bones or cause nerve damage, causing permanent hearing loss. Noncancerous growths, including osteomas, exostoses, and benign polyps, can block the ear canal, causing hearing loss.
In the years since I experienced my sudden severe hearing loss, I’ve worked at home managing my own business as a marketing and communications consultant. Last winter, though, an opportunity came my way to head up marketing for a startup company in the online video market.
Along the way, I took a lot of notes and learned some valuable lessons on what does and doesn’t work in an office environment when you have severe hearing loss.
Initially, I was concerned I’d have trouble adjusting to life in an office, especially because in the previous six months, after several years of relative stability, my hearing had worsened considerably. Following are some pros and cons of going mainstream with serious hearing loss, along with some tips on how to succeed. Co-workers and employers want you for what you have to offer, not in spite of what you can’t offer. You have to accept the fact that there are some things you will never do as well or as easily as you did before your hearing loss. Even though my experiment in mainstreaming lasted only a short time, I came away from it convinced that doing full-time work in an office again would be possible for me if my hearing came back to the point where I could reliably use the phone again. As soon as you start experiencing the signs of hearing loss, see your doctor for an evaluation. People with hearing loss also withdraw from others because they are afraid of misunderstanding the conversation and answering with inappropriate or embarrassing comments. Doctors determine the degree of hearing loss by looking at the range of decibels (dB) -- a measure of sound intensity -- you can hear. People with normal hearing are able to discern sounds as faint as human breathing, which measures about 10 dB.
That problem can be caused by an ear infection, tumor, or fluid or an object (such as wax buildup) in the ear. Other potential causes include damage to the 8th nerve (the nerve for hearing) or the brain. Mixed hearing loss can be caused by a head injury, chronic infection, or an inherited disorder. They travel through your inner ear to a shell-shaped tube called the cochlea, which is filled with fluid.

Hearing impairment severity depends on the loudness of the sound and the length of the exposure. Earwax -- the thick, sticky substance that normally prevents bacteria and other foreign substances from entering the ear -- can sometimes build up and harden in the ear, decreasing the ability to hear.
Sometimes these effects are temporary and hearing will return once you stop taking the drug, but in most cases the hearing loss is permanent. Don't post any information, articles, and ideas that are not your own without providing the source (this is very important and can get you banned).
It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. Sudden changes in pressure -- from flying or scuba diving -- can lead to damage to the eardrum, middle ear, or inner ear and hearing loss.
This causes the eardrum and tiny bones, called the hammer and anvil, in the middle ear to vibrate. Ear infections can cause the middle ear to fill with fluid and cause hearing loss that usually clears when the infection and fluid are gone. All the phone work and meetings required of a communication consultant made it difficult at times. I’ve come up with a list of the pros and cons of office work for people with hearing loss. But I had new super-power hearing aids and assistive devices, which made one-on-one interactions and phone calls very good, and which made conference calls and group meetings easier. Unfortunately, after a month on the job, it turned out my concerns were justified when my hearing dropped once again. My colleagues at the company never once complained about any difficulties my hearing problems may have caused, even when I needed to reschedule calls that I was unable to hear, or when I asked them to repeat themselves until they were blue in the face. One off-hand comment about something in the news the day before can either lose you completely or, if you pick up the cue to something you’ve already studied up on, put you right in the middle of the conversation.
The new wireless technologies, especially now that Bluetooth works with your hearing aids and cellphone better than ever before, are a godsend. I used to feel like I had limitless energy, but coping with hearing loss in an eight or ten our day made me acutely aware of my limitations. I had an extraordinarily supportive group of colleagues, plus I went in with a track record and a good understanding of how I could be of direct help even with my hearing loss. Mild hearing loss is in the range of 26 to 40 dB, and moderate hearing loss ranges from 41 to 55 dB. This type of hearing loss is often caused by age-related changes to the nerves and sensory cells of the inner ear. If you experience a sudden hearing loss, you should see an ear, nose, and throat specialist as soon as possible. As the fluid moves, it sets in motion thousands of tiny hairs which convert the sound vibrations into nerve impulses. However, if ear infections aren't treated, they can lead to more serious long-term problems. People who have a tumor might also experience numbness or weakness of the face and ringing in the ear.
It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. Then vibrations travel to the fluid in the cochlea where microscopic hairs send nerve signals to the brain so sound is understood. Acoustic neuroma (an inner ear tumor shown here), grows on the hearing and balance nerve in the inner ear.
Though congenital hearing loss often runs in families, it can occur with maternal diabetes or an infection when pregnant.
Usually, age-related hearing loss is caused by the progressive loss of inner-ear hair cells.
But with the assistance of several great business partners and some extremely accommodating long-term clients, I managed pretty well.
Plus the founders, board of directors and other team members understood my issues and were happy make accommodations for me. I started having consistent trouble throughout the day, even with a lot of adjustments to the new hearing aids, and after a while I found it impossible to use the phone much of the time. Instead, they asked a lot of questions about how best to communicate with me and about other ways they could help, and they were otherwise incredibly patient. But my new colleagues told me that I brought a lot of unique experience to the challenges the company faced and that they were most interested in helping me apply my skills and knowledge.
People know something’s wrong right away if you are having trouble hearing, and if you try to cover it up, it only confuses them or annoys them.
I expected to be tired at the end of each day, but there were some days when I was completely depleted.
When people see you manage a disability with patience, grace, poise, and a sense of humor, they tend to give you the benefit of the doubt.
In the meantime, I learned a lot along the way that I’m putting to good use in other situations every day.

Those impulses are then sent to your brain where they are processed into sounds you can recognize.
Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. Autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, also can be linked to some forms of hearing loss.
The average decibel level at a rock show is 110, loud enough to cause permanent damage after just 15 minutes. Hearing damage can occur with extended exposure of any noise over 85 decibels.
Diseases known to affect hearing in children include chickenpox, encephalitis, influenza, measles, meningitis, and mumps.
Hearing loss can also develop if a newborn is premature or from other causes such as trauma during birth resulting in the infant not getting enough oxygen. After a few more months trying to make the situation work as well as I wanted it to, I finally threw in the towel and resigned.
When my hearing problems made it hard to get certain jobs done (sales presentations over the phone, for instance), we found someone else to do it, allowing me to focus on the things I could do. Videoconferences can be a godsend when you’re hearing-impaired, allowing you to use your speech-reading skills.
But if you need to educate any colleagues about how to deal with someone who has a disability, knowing that providing such accommodations is the law of the land is vastly reassuring. All you can do is take note of the things you can’t do, find someone to step up to fill the gap, and focus your time and energy on the things you can do. Instead, it’s important to let everyone know how your hearing loss works, and how you cope.
I’d taken a long break from Hearing Mojo over the past six months because my full-time job was so consuming. People with severe hearing loss have trouble hearing speech, although they can make out loud sounds, like a truck that backfires or an airplane taking off. Think you have an earwax blockage? Don't try removing the wax with a cotton-tipped swab or by inserting anything else into your ear canal. They are especially useful in one-on-one situations, but still helpful even in group videoconferences. Anyone who wants to go back to work with hearing loss or any other disability should read up on their rights. Then, after the meeting, go over your notes, especially those stretches where you know you missed some of the conversation. You simply won’t be able to spend as much time on extracurriculars as you might want, because resting up is part of the job. Even if power-napping is discouraged at your job, ten minutes of quiet meditation at your desk instead of catching up on water cooler gossip can recharge you for an afternoon of stressful activities. So I think it’s fitting that my first post on my return should be about hearing loss lessons I learned while on the job.
There were a lot of meetings where I signaled I was lost, and either they stopped and caught me up or, if they didn’t want to interrupt the flow, made a note to catch up on the points I missed after the meeting. When you tell people your hearing aids are a lot like your iPhone earbuds, but with a set of amplifiers programmed to your individual hearing profile, you get their interest.
At the workplace, you’ll do better if you summon the energy to deal with your hearing issues in as positive a way as possible. Injury or Pressure ChangesSevere head trauma can dislocate middle-ear bones or cause nerve damage, causing permanent hearing loss. I never once had a co-worker complain when I asked them to retrace their steps so I could fill in the blanks and catch up.
My hearing loss was such that neither ear on its own could reliably understand someone on the phone, but both ears working together usually could.
Your colleagues will appreciate the effort, even if they don’t always acknowledge it, and your life will be easier. It really disarms people who might be uncomfortable at first when you show them how a hearing aid works.
Chronic DiseaseCertain chronic diseases that are not directly related to the ear can cause hearing loss. How You Hear -- Anatomy of the EarSound waves enter the outer ear and travel through the ear canal.
Tumors and GrowthsNoncancerous growths, including osteomas, exostoses, and benign polyps, can block the ear canal, causing hearing loss. Headphones and EarbudsCan others hear the music and lyrics you’re listening to through earphones? For more hearing loss information from WebMD, click "Next." Childhood IllnessMany childhood illnesses can cause hearing loss.

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