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If you want something precisely bold in the scope of Chanel chains, then you’re looking at the right chain. If you're not utterly obsessed with your recent purchase, it's now so easy to send it back!
This vintage Chanel duffle bag has black and gray panels with a zip closure at top and logo pull tabs.

This black patent leather Chanel tote has gold CC hardware at bottom and a gold chain shoulder strap with woven black leather. The gold-brass coloured bulky chain has the thickness equivalent to three chains, accompanied by the vintage “Chanel Cambon” logo. Check out the links below for more details.US ReturnsInternational ReturnsOpened makeup, earrings, ear cuffs and panties cannot be returned.

It is a very unique design for the fashion house, so make sure you get yours at The Vintage Chains Shop online!

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