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San Benito Animal Hospital’s vaccination protocol follows American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines and is carefully tailored to the lifestyle of your pet.
In all, our veterinarians truly believe that our carefully balanced approach is the best means to prevent infectious disease and the possibility of your pet having an adverse reaction to a vaccine. Veterinary hospitals and animal shelters across the country and around the world are equipped with special scanners capable of reading these microchips. Dogs and cats in their senior years may have slowed down a bit, but they are no less important members of our families. After your pet reaches age seven, your veterinarian will talk to you about how we can help ensure your pet’s senior years are the best years of his or her life.
San Benito Animal Hospital offers the latest in veterinary cancer treatments for lymphomas and mast cell tumors. We also are one of the few general practice animal hospitals in the area to perform lateral ear canal resections, which is used to treat relatively common inflammations of the ear canal. In numerous acute or chronic conditions, medication is required to cure or alleviate symptoms. Not only does our pharmacy mean you don’t have to wait for important medicines for your pet, but there is a direct line of communication between the examination room and the pharmacy window.
There is currently little research into the benefits of fitting hearing aids to babies with a unilateral hearing loss. There is some evidence that a unilateral hearing loss may effect a child's development and education1. Without receiving full hearing stimulation, your baby's auditory system may not develop in the same way as it does for other children. In the past, children with unilateral loss often weren't found to have a hearing loss until school age. Research has shown that school-aged children with a unilateral hearing loss are more likely to have educational difficulties, academic delays, and speech and language delays. Research has shown that babies with a hearing loss of about 40dB or more in both ears benefit from wearing hearing aids in the first six months. However, research hasn't yet shown us the best approach to take for babies with a unilateral hearing loss.

Fitting a hearing aid early to children with a significant unilateral loss might stimulate the child's brain to use hearing in the affected ear. Children who have only very mild loss in the affected ear are unlikely to need or benefit from aid use. Children with unilateral loss appear to be at higher risk than other children of developing hearing loss in the unaffected ear.
Bess FH, Dodd-Murphy J, Parker RA (1998) Children with minimal sensorineural hearing loss: prevalence, educational performance and functional status. However, changes to their bodies occur rapidly and they become more susceptible to diseases such as cancer, arthritis, dental disease, diabetes, and heart disease.
Our senior wellness program includes diagnostic tests designed to catch problems associated with aging before they become difficult and expensive to treat such as a chest X-ray and a full blood workup. However, most pets respond extremely well to cancer treatments, which include tumor removal surgery and chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.
Treatments include diagnostics, surgical excision, chemotherapy, supportive therapy, and we can refer you to a veterinary oncology specialist.
We begin by taking samples of any discharge that may be associated with the infection and perform a thorough cytological examination to help us determine the source of the infection.
In most cases this procedure would have to be performed by a specialist at a specialty hospital. At San Benito Animal Hospital we believe that timely and convenient access to these medications is an important aspect of caring for your pet. Each medication becomes part of your pet’s medical record, which reduces the chance for errors and enhances our ability to monitor its use and the outcome for your pet. Simply give us a call or visit our online pharmacy and we can either mail them to you or have them ready at your next visit. The effects of a unilateral hearing loss are not immediately obvious, because the child can still hear well with one ear.
This information will help you understand the implications and options associated with unilateral hearing loss. But if there is a hearing loss, the pathways from the ear to the brain do not get as much stimulation.

Hearing aid fitting for these children was often unsuccessful, possibly because the delay in fitting a hearing aid made it harder for the brain to learn to make good use of sound heard through the affected ear. Approximately one third of the children with a unilateral hearing loss who were studied experienced problems1. This applies especially to children who have a moderate or severe hearing loss in the affected ear. Children with a profound unilateral loss may not have any useable hearing in the affected ear even with a hearing aid. While only a small risk, this may be another reason to consider early use of a hearing aid, as it may be wise to make greatest use of the hearing in the affected ear just in case the hearing in the good ear worsens in the future. Parvovirus attacks either your dog’s heart or intestines, can be fatal if left untreated, and requires extensive and expensive treatments to cure. We will also thoroughly examine your older pet’s eyes and ears, evaluate cardiovascular and neurological health, weight and nutrition, and more. Additionally, pets do not experience the same side effects from chemotherapy that humans do, and often go on to lead long and healthy lives long after their cancer is gone.
These causational medical conditions are often undertreated, which can lead to chronic infection, scarring of the inner ear, hearing loss and generalized systemic infections. Depending on the type of bacteria found during laboratory testing, we may send a sample to a specialty lab to determine if the infection is caused by pseudomonas, a particularly nasty bacterium that may require ongoing treatment. Parents can help by creating a language rich environment at home - everyday family activities all help the development of language. For these reasons, we can’t stress enough the importance of bringing your puppy or dog in for vaccination to protect against this disease. Make reading a regular and enjoyable part of your family's day and have fun with music and singing.

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