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Segue into the new season before the temperature actually drops with a new bag or piece of jewelry or buy game-changing items now (blanket scarf, we see you) and save them for colder days to come.
Rather than sporting the traditional two, the runways have lightened your accessory load by offering one well-dressed ear with an elongated, single stud dangler.
While less is more may not be the message these statement earrings delivered at Louis Vuitton, Celine and Isabel Marant, both minimalists and maximalists can rejoice as there are infinite ways to embellish your earlobes using a solitary earring.

Here to walk you through fall 2014’s most notable accessories trends is Shopbop Fashion Director and TZR Contributor Elle Strauss. Whether it’s a crystal-covered crucifix chain a la Tory Burch or a small, simple, shark tooth hoop from Isabel Marant, there’s something for every taste that delivers the same amount of impact.We rounded up the seven best runway ways to wear this one-sided trend and the starlets who love the look.
After packing her designer bags and moving to the other side of the world on Australia’s Gold Coast, Megan received her Journalism degree to put her fashion knowledge and gift for the written word to good use.

While always perusing the latest and upcoming fashion and beauty trends, runway collections and style stars of the season, Megan’s flair for fashion sparked a whirlwind expensive love affair with handbags and now considers herself to be a true bag snob.

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