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Non-allergic fungal sinusitis: In some instances, mucin and fungus may be identified in patients with sinusitis in the absence of any allergy to fungus. Acute Invasive Fungal Sinusitis: This is the most dangerous and life-threatening form of fungal sinusitis. Chronic invasive fungal sinus: Unlike acute invasive fungal sinusitis whose typical course is less than 4 weeks (and can actually progress over hours and days), chronic invasive fungal sinusitis is a slower destructive process. Granulomatous invasive fungal sinusitis: This form of fungal sinusitis is rare in the United States. It also has been used to promote rapid healing and subdue inflammation, to treat gum diseases, to improve digestion, and to prevent flu and colds. I used an over-the-counter colloidal nose spray for a sinus infection and cured myself, twice.
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Filtrar por: Mostrar todos Articulos Galerias de fotos Videos Ordenar: Mas relevante Mas popular Mas reciente No se encuentran articulos disponibles No se encuentran slideshows disponibles No se encuentran videos disponibles Sintomas de la alergia a los antibioticos Como tratar una infeccion en el ojo Como aliviar los sintomas de la neumonia Como curar una infeccion de prostata sin antibioticos Como calmar los sintomas de taquicardia con remedios alternativos Efectos fisiologicos del alcoholismo ?Que sirve para las cicatrices de acne? Researchers from the Mayo Clinic performed a study on chronic sinus infections and came up with some amazing results.
This is a huge problem that a€?up to now the cause of chronic sinusitis has not been knowna€? said the Mayo Clinic researchers consisting of Dr. If left untreated, chronic sinus infections and specifically chronic fungal sinusitis can lead to growth of nasal polyps. The study has started to impact the way the some doctors think about sinus infections and sinus infection treatment. In the study performed by the Mayo Clinic researchers, there were 210 patients with chronic sinus infections that were tested for fungus in the sinuses. In a subset of 101 patients who had surgery to remove nasal polyps, these same Mayo Clinic researchers discovered eosinophils in the sinus tissue and nasal mucus of 96 percent of these particular patients. This breakthrough is a radical change in the thought process of how sinusitis is formed and how it can be treated. Initially it seemed that more research would be taking place at the Mayo Clinic to confirm that the immune response to the fungus was actually the cause of the sinus inflammation. Antibiotics, nasal steroids and over-the-counter decongestants are most commonly used to attempt to treat chronic sinus infections. The USFDA has not evaluated, nor rendered approval for any statements, testimonials or research cited herein, nor have they approved any representations or opinions concerning colloidal silver. Silver Sinus and Silver Cold & Flu are not drugs and the information and opinions we offer are based upon use of these products as a dietary supplements only.
Silver Sinus colloidal nasal spray and Silver Cold & Flu Relief are natural mineral supplements of the highest quality available. Most healthy people do not react to the presence of fungus due to a functioning immune system. Fortunately, it is very rare, and usually only affects severely immunocompromised patients (people whose immune systems don’t work properly). A complete evaluation by your rhinologist will help to determine if you have a form of fungal sinusitis and how it needs to be treated, as some forms of fungal sinusitis have distinctly different medical and surgical treatments.

But unlike other heavy metals silver is non-toxic to animals, and it has a long history as a medicinal drug (over 6,000 years).
It has been used orally for antibacterial, food poisoning, allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, blood parasites, bubonic plague, cancer, cholera, colitis, cystitis, conjunctivitis, atopic dermatitis (cradle cap), diabetes, dysentery, eczema, gastritis, and gonorrhea.
It has been also used for Salmonella, septicemia, shingles, skin cancer, syphilis, tonsillitis, toxemia, trench foot, viruses, and warts. In the study, they discovered that the cause of the majority of chronic sinus infections is an immune system response to fungus in the sinus cavities.
In fact, it has been estimated that approximately 40 million or more people in the United States alone are affected by chronic sinusitis. Nasal polyps are strange growths that look similar to small grapes growing inside of the nasal passages. No longer will people focus on bacteria as the main culprit of chronic sinusitis but rather look at how fungus plays the major role instead. The researchers were also working with pharmaceutical companies to set up trials to test medications to control the fungus. However, recent studies have shown that antibiotics are not effective for chronic sinusitis because they target bacteria, not fungi. Silver Sinus and Silver Cold & Flu Relief are dietary supplements and are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease.
Whether these fungi are innocent bystanders or are the cause of sinus disease is currently under investigation and a subject of great debate.
These include patients with leukemia, aplastic anemia, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, and hemochromatosis. It was in common use until 1938 before antibiotics emerged, according to the Journal of American Science, 3(3), 2007, Ma Hongbao, Horng Dengnan, Cherng Shen.
Colloidal silver has been used during pregnancy to aid the baby's growth and health as well as the mother's delivery and recovery. The term sinusitis is defined as an inflammation of the lining of the nasal and sinus cavities.
The body's immune system sends the eosinophils to the the location of the fungus in order to try to combat it.
At the time of the study they estimated that it will be at least two years before a treatment would be widely available. It is highly unusual that a study like this could be conducted and then no follow up would happen for the next 13 years. We suggest that you consult a licensed physician if you believe you have a serious health issue. The most commonly involved sinuses are the maxillary and the sphenoid sinuses, where the fungus finds favorable conditions such as warmth and humidity for growth. In normal doses has no known side effects, and has been found to be beneficial against many diseases.
Topically, colloidal silver has been used for acne, burns, eye infections, fungal infections, throat infections, skin infections, and staphylococcus infections.
Now, I have every confidence that I can shorten my sinus infections dramatically, and I wanted you to be able to do the same.

The number of cases of chronic sinus infections has been steadily increasing over the past 10 or more years. These researchers utilized new methods of collection and testing mucus from the sinuses not performed previously.
This can cause irritation of the mucus membranes in the sinuses and possibly cause the growth of nasal polyps. But something has apparently changed as this study was erased from the Mayo clinic website along with any mention of it. We also recommend that you do comprehensive research about colloidal silver before accepting our opinions or the opinions of anyone else about how to care for your health. Sometimes, bacteria can cause super-added infection in the sinus affected by the fungus ball.
Their report appeared in the September, 1999 issue of the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings. These yielded amazing results and ended up showing that 40 different types of fungi and mold were present in the patients' sinuses with an average of almost 3 types per patient. In fact, it has been over 13 years since this study was completed and nothing has happened ever since.
Typically, only a single sinus is involved, and the disease has a classic appearance on CT or MRI scans. Interestingly, if you search for the study on the Mayo Clinic website, you will no longer find it as it has been completely removed.
Patients have a typical appearance on nasal endoscopy with the presence of allergic mucin and polyps.
Most patients have excellent results from surgery, and may not require any further treatment. Estas son las infecciones más graves que puedes desarrollar debido a que pueden expandirse a otros tejidos a lo largo del organismo.
Tissue examination under the microscope shows allergic mucin containing fungal elements without tissue invasion. Treatment involves endoscopic sinus surgery to clear polyps and allergic mucin, and to restore the ventilation and drainage of sinuses. Medications such as anti-fungal drugs and those that help restore the immune status of the patient are key to improving survival, as this disease is frequently fatal. Patients may also benefit from treatment of allergy with immunotherapy (allergy shots or drops) and antihistamines. Las infecciones sinusales suelen inhibir la capacidad de respirar especialmente durante la noche, mientras estás acostado. Anti-fungal treatment is usually not required, as it is the reaction to the fungus that needs to be modulated. Acerca de El uso de este sitio constituye la aceptacion de los terminos y politica de privacidad de eHow.

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