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One week later the RM shows subdural hematoma witch presented septa, reblooding signs and contrast enhancement (arrow). The diagnosis include the imaging findings in a context of neurologic deterioration of the patient and neurologic improvement after drainage of the fluid collection (Figure 3).
The 2 venous infarctions were due to venous thrombosis in surgery for metastasis and meningioma resection. The tension pneumocephalus is a rare but potentially life-threatening complication that occurs when subdural air collections compress the brain. Only the trauma sample presented a stadistically significant difference in the Chi square test (p < 0,05). 2 clicks for more privacy: On the first click the button will be activated and you can then share the poster with a second click. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and High Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT): Can they improve the evaluation of Middle ear cholesteatoma? Incidence and risk factors of perioperative neurological complications after cardiac surgery.
Cognitive Disturbances in Treated Cases of  Nasopharyngeal carcinoma ( NPC)-CT & MR Imaging  of Delayed post radiation necrosis of  the temporal lobes  . Primary and secondary glioblastomas: can we differentiate them with radiological and biological features?
Polycystic fluid will pregnancy fatigue how long build up of waste produce symptoms of ADPKD cases are detection of ruined muscles to remain healthy.
The remarkable increase observed in Australia in NSAIDs use was essentially due to the much higher COX-2 The impact of the withdrawal of rofecoxib on the use of other analgesics and proton pump inhibitors – a time series analysis in Portugal. Denise Dunlap answers a parent's question about what to avoid if her son has a tree nut allergy. Emilee Yamdagni answers a parent's question about whether cold symptoms in a two-week-old merit going to the doctor or the ER.

Even though he may not sound like he has a cold, he may have some lingering congestion that may be a sign of a sinus infection or allergies.
2: Frontoparietal extracraneal herniation after decompressive craniotomy for evacuation of acute subdural hematoma in 35-years-old man with traffic injuries.
3: External brain tamponade in a 59-year-old woman 3 months after decompressive craniectomy for a empyema as complication of a meningioma exeresis. 4: (1) Posterior fossa intraparenchymal hematoma wich extends to basal cisterns, ventricular system, tentorium and falx cerebri in a 71-years-old man after resection of cerebellar metastasis of lung tumor. 5: (1) Intraparenchymal hematoma in surgical bed with intraventricular hemorrage (arrowhead), and brainstem hematoma (arrow) in 78-years-old woman who presented right midriasis after an urgent surgery because of a posterior fossa meningioma with important mass efect. 6: Remote cerebellar hemorrhage in a 77-years-old man who presented aphasia after a left temporal craniotomy for resection of a meningioma.
Axial CT shows small hypodense area next to hippocampus suggestive of subacute infarct (arrow). Axial CT shows right frontal cortico-subcortical hypodense area with mass effect above cerebral parenchymal and ventricular system.
8: Venous infarct because of superior sagital sinus thrombosis in a 74-years-old man 5 days before of a surgery for resection of metastases of esophageal tumor. 9: Burr hole in 71-years-old man for evacuation of a right hemispheric chronic subdural hematoma.
10: Subdural empyema and bone flap infection in a 52-years-old man after revision surgery to secure a loose bone flap from a preview craniectomy for evacuation of a subdural hematoma.
11: Tension pneumocephalus in a 78-year-old man who presented a reduced level of consciousness after posterior fossa surgery for a trigeminal neuralgia. 12: Occipital pseudomeningocele in 33-years-old woman 1 week after a craniotomy for resection of arteriovenous malformation (AVM).
14: One month delayed hemorrhage in a 48-years-old man who presented headache and reduced level of conciousness after resection of a glioblastoma.

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