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I had a bad sinus infection in Houston and was grounded for a couple of weeks, hence fell behind my classmates and graduated with class 43-W-4 in Sweetwater, Texas. I went home to Detriot for a few days and then joined my husband in Hondo, Texas, where he was a navigator instructor. Baby boomers, do you think things have been a little quiet around here for the last two weeks?
I found the noise level at BlogHer to be over-stimulating, which meant it took a long time for me to wind down at night. What possessed me to think that appetizers and a glass of wine would make a good substitute for a healthy meal? With 1500 participants touching handrails, shaking hands, passing out swag, how many times did I wash my hands? About Donna HullA boomer travel and lifestyle authority who is exploring the world one activity at a time.

Boomer travelers rely on our email newsletter for fresh travel inspiration, tips, and advice. I got interested in flying when CPT started in 1940 while I was in college, and received my private pilot's license. We lived in California, Texas, Japan, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Omaha, Nebraska, back to California, then to Hawaii, then to Thiland for our last year. And, I didn’t skip out on an afternoon BlogHer session to walk the vibrant streets of Chicago.
I requested a transfer to a closed cockpit airplane, but request was denied, so I resigned in October 1943. After his retirement, we bought a trailer and traveled the US for a year, visiting relatives and friends. Friends and family are invited to a memorial service at First Presbyterian Church of Roseville at 1:00 PM on Monday, April 23.

Ever since returning from a Chicago weekend attending BlogHer and Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX), I’ve been coughing, sleeping and slugging down the meds. How did a healthy baby boomer like me come down with such a nasty throat and sinus infection? A better choice would have been to turn off the computer, read a book and forget blog business for the weekend.

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