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I am going to make myself another mug of ACV and I’m going to get my rick sock RIGHT NOW! Susan, Years ago I had so much trouble of loosing my voice, ear ache,s sore throats and chest colds, I went to Nashville to DR, Crook an ear, nose & throat specilist. I had a killer sinus infection for almost two weeks as well–no symptoms of a cold at first. I need to learn a bit more about adrenal support – that should be my next assignment!

I just started my journey with essential oils and besides my health, I’m interested in becoming a distributor.
The Confident Mom is a ministry dedicated to Empowering Moms, Strengthening Families and Embracing God’s design. He told me why we have so much of it is because when we bathe or shower you get water in your ears. He says to put alcohol in ear with a dropper or now the bottle come with a flap on the top that lifts up and a small hole is in the next layer.

I am going back to the basics and will be adding ACV to my regime–which I cannot stand the taste of by the way. I did it faithful at first but now if I wake up with ears feeling tight like you did I get up right then and do the alcohol.

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