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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. After missing Sunday’s race due to a sinus infection which caused blurred vision, Denny Hamlin has been released from the hospital and will continue to undergo tests.
Denny Hamlin was released from the hospital Sunday night after undergoing tests for a sinus infection that affected his vision.
In a statement, Joe Gibbs Racing said the 33-year-old driver will be evaluated by a doctor in the Charlotte area this week. An abundance of exploding tires created an interesting dynamic Sunday and returned an element to NASCAR that had long been missing.
An hour before the race was to begin, JGR scrambled to put Sam Hornish Jr., who was on standby for expectant father Matt Kenseth, in the No.

Hamlin retains his eligibility for the Chase for the Sprint Cup because NASCAR only requires drivers attempt to qualify for all 26 regular season races, which he did Friday. Periocular aesthetics: eyelid edema, Eyelid edema, generally speaking, nonspecific sign etiologies spanning fields immunology, dermatology, endocrinology, cardiology. Causes, treatment, home remedies swollen eyelids, When either the lower or upper eyelid (or both) becomes enlarged it is referred to as eyelid swelling.
With this Periorbital Cellulitis disease so many people are suffering with the symptoms like conjunctivital infection, fever, blurred vision, redness, pain, discharge, swelling, teary eyes, periorbital erythema, warmth and tenderness. The problem persisted and started to cause blurred vision Sunday morning, at which time Hamlin consulted with a doctor who advised him to seek further evaluation at a local hospital and would not clear him to race.
By sitting out the Auto Club 400, Hamlin dropped from seventh in the point standings to 11th overall.

Insect spider and other insects bites also causes to this disease.  This disease is also caused by long lasting eye make up for several days or eye makeup overnight. Making his first Sprint Cup start in almost a year, Hornish was running near the top 10 before late contact with Paul Menard caused him to drift up the track.

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