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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Sinusitis, or a sinus infection, is a common medical condition that affects 10 million to 15 million people each year, notes the Merck Manual Home Health Handbook.
How does sinus infection can affect the eye?Sinus infection, which is known to affect millions of people worldwide, are one ofthe most common medical conditions afflicting people in the world. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Sinus infection can happen when the sinus cavities are infected with bacterial or viral infections.  Sinus infections usually start with infections of the upper respiratory tract and due to which the sinus cavities are blocked and they are not able to keep themselves clean. Blocked Nose – Nose gets blocked due to mucous which is result of body trying to fight the bacterial infections. Sore Throat –  Throat can also get affected and you can suffer from swelling and pain in the throat region. Pressure on a particular Side – If the infection happens on a particular side that portion of the face could feel like being pressed constantly. Bad Breath – Bad smell may come out of the mouth and the nose because of the infection and mucous. Eye Strain – Another sign of infection is eye strain and discharge of water from the eyes.

Sinus infections may last for some days to few weeks also.  Your aim should be to avoid the infection itself so that you can escape all the painful symptoms of sinus infections and avoid the inconvenience. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.
See you in my dreams my loveWelcome to my life grandaughter Lexis Clair Garrison I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! HI Liz-My mare that had the sinus infection was scoped twice, actually, and at one point the infection was in the gutteral pouch. Characterized by pain or pressure between the eyes and around the forehead and nose, the condition can last weeks or months.
I see what you're looking at and just put a call into the 2nd vet to ask her to specifically look at those 2 teeth when she gets the xrays. We got the gutteral pouch cleared up with Baytril, but the sinus infection that was persistent was caused by the tooth root that didn't show on the xrays, as it was just barely into the sinus, but enough to cause a huge problem.
When sinuses turn to dry, it will be an optimum condition for thegrowth of bacteria which can cause the sinus infection rapidly.How does sinus infection affect on the eyes?A sinus infection can cause pressure inthe eyes.
She has a history of sinus infections - when she was younger she had sinus reconstructive surgery and has had reoccurring sinus infections ever since. We discussed a gutteral pouch infection - this vet doesn't feel this is the case and did not feel comfortable scoping a mini.

When a sinus is infected, it caninclude the spread of bacteria from thesinuses to the eye, which can lead toconjunction and eye pain.
Have they tried running a tube up there as in draining a blocked tear duct?My only guess would be to get her on something a whole lot stronger as the SMZ's have not kicked in and pull out all the stops on the antibiotics and give it the big guns.
There is a vet up here who will scope minis (he is good) - I guess the question (for me) is if I should have the other vet scope her, or at that point should I just bring her to the hospital for further treatment. In addition to the sinus infection, she has a large hard swelling under her eye down to her jawbone (same side as the sinus infection).
The eyepain can occur due to referred pain fromthe ethmoid sinuses located above and between the eyes.
The xrays do not show anything unusual - she does have some bone deterioration, but that could be left over from her surgery when she was younger. Be aware of your triggers and understanding the disease canhelp you live normally and comfortably. They did cultures on her nasal discarge and also drew serum from the swelling on her face - the cultures showed nothing unusual.She acts normal - eating and drinking just fine.

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