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TMJ can have a significant impact on your child’s articulation, depending on how severe it is. Your child’s speech therapist can guide him through some exercises to correct tongue thrust.
Talk to your child’s speech therapist about the techniques she is using in her sessions, and how you can reinforce those techniques for TMJ treatment at home.
Use a Speech Buddy for a few minutes, several times per week to reinforce the correct position of the tongue.
If he tends to rest his head on his hand, try to gently break him of this habit, as it contributes to TMJ pain. During a painful flare-up, apply a warm compress to the jaw several times daily, feed him soft foods only (no chewy foods), and encourage him to communicate with gestures whenever possible to reduce strain on the jaw. They can help children with autism learn to make conversation, children with lisps learn to speak clearly, and yes, they even have speech therapy techniques for TMJ treatment (temporomandibular joint disorder is actually TMD, but it’s more commonly referred to as TMJ).

A little minor jaw pain may simply discourage him from hollering a lot on the playground, but a severe flare-up can make it difficult for him to articulate sounds. When I first developed TMJ, I went to the urgent care clinic, convinced that I had tetanus because I couldn’t open my jaw wide enough to speak or eat.
The speech therapist can use a Speech Buddy to provide a target at the top of the alveolar ridge. The SLP may instruct your child to take a sip of water, trap it between the tongue and the alveolar ridge, and swallow so that the tongue moves back.
I had to use an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device to communicate with the intake nurse (in this case, a piece of paper and pen). All infants have tongue thrust, but they should position the tongue properly no later than age 7. Your child will touch the target with his tongue, creating the proper resting tongue position.

He must also learn to relax the jaw and surrounding muscles, and rest with his teeth slightly open.
If your child is diagnosed with TMJ, don’t take the “wait and see” approach, because it tends to get progressively worse. A doctor can prescribe pain medication and muscle relaxers for TMJ treatment, and she may also recommend that you take your child to a speech-language pathologist (SLP).

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