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The pursuit of less invasive methods led to the introduction in 1994 to a new technique using a crestal approach by Summer where osteotomes were used to “push” the floor of the sinus. Hammerless intra-crestal lifts are those performed through the alveolar crest in a vertical direction as opposed to lateral windows. The hammerless kit used consists of 3 safe sinus drills, stoppers ranging from 2mm to 12mm, bone condenser, bone carrier and sinus probe (Blue Sky Bio, USA), the technique is to take a digital periapical and measure the height of bone and drill 1mm short of the floor of the sinus floor using 50 RPM and drill stoppers. 3…Using a round sinus probe the clinician will feel “soft-squishy” material and not hard bone. Once it is confirmed that the floor is pushed or broken, start adding bone with an amalgam carrier until the site is filled. Select an implant that is self-treating, 1mm wider than your final drill to compress the walls and double the length of the stopper that broke the floor.
Following these steps the hammerless intra-crestal lift becomes a safe and predictable surgical procedure that your patients will benefit from and that general dentists can master in short amount of time.

To learn this are other “cool” surgical techniques, come and join us in at the west coast of Mexico at Live Implant Training where you will perform this surgeries under direct supervision of board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Amox Clav 875 Mg - Topics - The People's Medicine Communityamox clav 875 mg forums and articles.
Can you treat sinus infection with amox-clav 875mg tabletsCan amox clav treat bladder infections?
Can you treat sinus infection with amox clav 875mg tabletsCan you treat sinus infection with amox-clav 875mg tablets?
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A common challenge is treating atrophic maxillary ridge with deficiency in vertical height. In the past 20 years many variations of Summer’s technique have proven to be effective in sinus elevation. Condense this bone with light apical pressure and repeat this procedure 3-5 times until you are able to observe a well-defined “bone dome” (fig 6-7).
Physicians may prescribe the upward limit of 875mg of amoxicillin for severe infections in different areas of . In 1974 Dr Hilt Tatum performed the first sinus lift in the world, this lateral window approach has proven to be effective technique but is invasive in nature and requires great surgical experience.

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