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Sinuvil is a powerful natural remedy that goes to work on the source of your infection and not just the symptoms. Sinuvil contains botanical extracts that thin out mucus and also help relieve sinus headaches.
Instead of just masking your symptoms as other medicines, our natural formula stimulates your immune system. Sinuvil is the only sinus product that contains extract of Pelargonium - clinically proven to treat infections.
Sinuvil contains powerful flavonoid blend that helps relieve redness and swelling of your sinus lining.
It’s a fact that an abuse of antibiotics causes bacteria to adapt and develop resistance. A British study at the University of Southampton showed that antibiotics and steroid nasal sprays have very little effect on curing sinus infections. Sinuvil reinforces your body’s own defense mechanisms to fight and win the war against sinus infection. Doctors get kickbacks from prescribing meds from pharma companies that make billions by patenting it.
In 1897, an Englishman named Charles Stevens went to South Africa hoping to find a cure for his tuberculosis - a deadly lung disease. But with the introduction of synthetic drugs, Steven’s remedy became forgotten in Western medicine - until its recent re-discovery by European scientists. What the African tribal healer gave Charles was an extract from the roots of Pelargonium sidoides - a plant unique to South Africa. Our formula contains the purest Pelargonium sidoides extract combined with an array of natural immune system boosters and anti-inflammatory agents.
While other natural products are based on traditional use of herbs and folklore, Sinuvil is formulated based on modern scientific research.
The key ingredient - the amazing pelargonium plant – was proven to prevent viruses and bacteria from attaching to the cells. Sinuvil is a safe, natural, holistic product that goes to work on the source of the problem and not just the symptoms.
Order now and receive this eBook INSTANTLY by email, so that you can start using the advice and START FEELING BETTER TODAY!
While other products rely on traditional knowledge of herbs and unproven folklore, Sinuvil is scientifically formulated and based on clinical studies.
The bones around the eyes, cheeks and the nose are lined with membranes called as the sinuses.
If these mucous membranes cannot be drained, the mucous continues to accumulate and stagnate causing severe pain and swelling.
There is nothing like potent eucalyptus oil to treat a blocked sinus or a severe sinus infection. If you are suffering from blocked sinuses, there is a high probability that you could also be suffering from a sore throat. Keep sipping on hot ginger tea, herbal teas like chamomile tea and cinnamon tea all of which give tremendous relief.
If the sinus infection is bad and your sinuses are swollen and tender, try applying some warm compresses to the affected area. Include a lot of garlic and onion in your soups and broths as this helps the mucous to dissolve. Grapefruit seed extract is a powerful natural antibiotic and is used to eliminate and remove a number of different types of fungi, Candida and bacteria. For sinus infections, you can buy grapefruit seed extract in the form of a nasal spray and use it for treatment along with other natural cures. Another effective natural cure for clogged sinuses and sinus infection is the use of oregano oil.You can inhale the oil on your hanky or put a few drops of this oil in your pot of hot water and inhale the steam. Make sure you take a preventive course of vitamin C as a supplement just before the onset of the flu season. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. How To Turn On Your Own Unique immortality gene and more than outlive your Hayflick limit of 120 years (the medical limit our telomeres allow).
Discover Two powerful protocols that will slow down the aging process in your cells and make yourself look younger!
Use these (listed top to bottom in order of importance) to stop the signs of aging and even reverse the damage. We all know that health begins on the inside and you can supercharge your anti-aging quest by using all the tips that are in the Longevity Video Series.
When it comes to developing healthy habits, it’s as easy as adding one new serving of organic fruits or vegetables to your diet.
It includes easy to make juices that include healthy fiber can actually prevent most diseases and cancers even before they form in your body. You basically want to keep your bones strong, your muscles, joints and connective tissues flexible and firm, and your heart and lungs operating at healthy efficiency, so you can do anything in life that you want. Getting rid of facial wrinkles is the #1 thing you can do immediately that helps you look many years younger!
Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thanks for it. It is a dream of every woman to have beautiful long hair and no one wants the greying to appear on her beautiful hair.
You must have seen lately many beauty and cosmetic products using tea tree oil, but have you ever tried to find out what the benefits of tea tree oil are and why it is used in them. Regarding hair care , you will amazed to know that tea tree oil is one stop remedy for curing common hair problems like split ends, dandruff , itchy scalp etc.
The anti fungal property of tea tree oil is very useful in preventing dandruff to grow on our scalp, thus keeping the scalp healthy and helping us to get rid of dandruff. Massaging will give the protection from fungal growth as well as increase the blood circulation in the scalp too.
Since we very well know that tea tree oil has moisturising properties, it can be best combined with shampoo and used for best hair care. If you have tea tree oil at home then you can mix some in your shampoo to get the desired results. You just have to take few drops of tea tree oil in your palm and rub both the palms together, so that the oil spreads on your palms and now apply this oil on the untamed strands. You must have seen that olive oil is used for cooking, but it must be a bit shocking for you to hear that it can be sued to get healthy hair too. You just need to use it as a part of daily hair care routine just like any other hair oil and see how the scalp gets moisturised and you get nice hair growth on your scalp. There are multi benefits attached with olive oil when it is used regularly for hair care, it magically transforms your dry and dull hair into moisturized, shiny and without any frizzes. Just heat half cup of olive oil in a microwave and do not boil it or over heat it otherwise it will lose its qualities and might damage your scalp.

This will release all the natural oils in the rosemary and before using it on your scalp just strain it. In order to treat the split ends just apply some olive oil to the tips or the ends of the hair and in order to tame those frizz this is the best method use olive oil on your hair , the moisture content of the oil will make them smooth and frizz free. If you feel that your hair scalp is getting dry then just massage some olive oil on the scalp only with your finger tips and just see how the blood circulation enhances in the scalp and this will in turn enhance hair growth and decrease hair loss. If there is itching on the scalp or dandruff problem then mix few drops of tea tree oil in olive oil and then massage the scalp. Because Sinuvil helps your sinus cavities drain faster, it effectively relieves pressure and prevents painful headaches.
But in many cases sinus infections are not caused by a bacteria but by a virus or fungi (mold). It results in a growth of new antibiotic-resistant bacteria that cause life threatening infections. Since its recent re-discovery, Pelargonium became extremely popular in Europe for treating sinusitis.
Unlike common medicines that just mask symptoms, our Sinuvil formula helps your body fight infections. Sinuvil helps your body fight acute and chronic sinusitis, thanks to its soothing herbs that relieve sinus pains naturally. Additionally Sinuvil contains powerful immune system herbal boosters that help your body fight infection. Sinuvil is for people who seek natural alternatives to antibiotic or chemical drug treatments with harmful side effects. This no-nonsense e-book offers practical advice on what YOU can do today to feel better instantly. Clinical studies show that it's effective for treating sinusitis, bronchitis ,, strep throat and the common cold . Sinuvil is one of the most effective natural sinus products on the market because it helps from many angles at the source of the problem. This can lead to utter misery and discomfort, cold, flu, allergies, stress, poor immunity and dental problems can lead to blocked sinuses. Luckily, you do not have to suffer the agony.
Just put a few drops of the oil on your handkerchief and inhale the fumes.You can also gently apply some to your nostrils to get relief.
Now take the nozzle of the neti pot and place it on one nostril allowing the water to go up and out of the other nostril. One of the best fluids to have with a sinus infection is hot chicken soup with cayenne pepper mixed in it. It is also important to keep sipping on hot water throughout the day as this keeps you hydrated, helps the mucous to drain out effectively and flushes out the bacteria from the system.
This should bring relief. You can also cover your head and neck region with a warm scarf or muffler to provide heat to the area. Take a heaped tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and dissolve it in a glass of warm water.Now sip on this water throughout the day. Just put a pinch of turmeric in water and do a normal throat gargle with it.Alternately, you can add a pinch of turmeric to hot milk and sip on this hot milk throughout the day. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
It is a natural supplement that activates your own bodies Telomerase, which is what protects and regenerates your Telomere Length and stops cellular aging. Dave Waynorowski author of “The Immortality Edge“ reveals powerful anti-aging and longevity strategies that will help activate your potential to live 150 plus years! Eat the best foods you can, think positively and share your success with others.  You can find out more about Dr.
They are often compared to a natural form of Botox in their skin tightening and brightening results.
The anti viral, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties of tea tree oil makes it a vital ingredient of these beauty products. Tea tree oil makes the scalp strong and fit by moisturising it and thus in turn the hairs also become stronger and healthier. The only thing you have to do is just massage tea tree oil on your scalp one hour before washing your hair and this will remove all the scalp problems like itching and dryness of the scalp. The most efficient combination of shampoo and tea tree oil can be bought from any cosmetic shop as over the counter product. This will not only help you in getting rid of dandruff, but it will repair the damaged hair also thus promoting good hair growth on your scalp. Do not be amazed, if it can be sued to enhance the taste of your salads as dressings it can be best used for treating hair for controlling dandruff, dryness and hair damage. If you want make it more beneficial for hair then you can add some rosemary oil or fresh rosemary into this heated olive oil. This mixture is best for treating damaged and dry hair and if possible then take a steam by wrapping a hot water drenched towel around your hair and after 30 minutes wash your hair with shampoo.
After the massage give steam to your hair by covering the head with hot towel or plastic bag. It thins out mucus to help your sinus cavities drain faster, effectively relieving pressure and headache. It also contains powerful flavonoids that reduce inflammation and swelling of the sinus lining. Laboratory experiments have shown that it also prevents viruses and bacteria from attaching to the cells, effectively stopping the infection. Sinuvil is manufactured in FDA certified labs that exceed the highest standards for quality control, safety and ingredient purity. While allopathic medication can bring you the much-needed relief, you can also take solace from these simple natural cures for a sinus infection. The eucalyptus oil is one of the most potent and effective natural cures for a sinus infection.
In such cases, it is better to do regular gargling with salt water.Take a pinch of salt in a glass of water and heat it. Vitamin C helps to boost the immunity and prevents the onset of colds, flu and sinus infections.With the help of the above remedies, you can easily treat and cure a sinus infection. It is called TA65 and is scientifically proven to turn on your “immortality gene” and not only slow down or stop aging, but actually reverse it! Waynorowski is part of the human genome project and lifetime researcher into anti-aging and longevity technologies and products.
There is an exciting video series LIVE from The Longevity Now® Conference, that shows you how to make everything in your life work so much better. Most people learn best by actually seeing and doing, and that’s why I recommend going to a gym, taking a yoga, tai-chi or fitness class first. For complete health and fitness longevity anti-aging nutrition and research you will find the Longevity Series DVD’s invaluable.

You can find the right anti-aging skin care product for your individual needs and see the exciting results for yourself. Here we are going to learn few hair care tips which can be done at home with the help of tea tree oil and olive oil. The anti fungal property effectively works towards protecting the scalp from any such problems.
If you want that perfect clean look with your hair then take some more tea tree oil and rub it on the strand and start applying from the tips of the frizz towards the root of the hair.
If you are using fresh rosemary then you can crush them with the help of mortar and pastel and then add them to the olive oil and heat it for a while. The right way to apply this mixture of olive oil and rosemary oil is from root hair to the tip of the hair. This will clean your scalp and open the clogged pores of the scalp, thus the scalp will be able to breathe nicely. Sinuvil uses powerful natural immune system booster to help your body fight and win the war against sinus infection naturally. It has strong antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties .N-ACETYLCYSTEINE (NAC) is a special form of amino acid cysteine found in egg whites, red pepper or garlic. Place your head over the vessel at a safe distance such that you can inhale the steam but not get burnt. You always knew you could look and feel years younger, now science makes it real for you.  TA65 is a natural supplement that reverse aging and gives you back your youth, literally. There is a great book an Australian Trainer who is focused on longevity and anti-aging nutrition and diet who has a great book you might want to look at, it’s called RawFit Longevity Diet. There are specific exercises you can do to keep your bones, muscles and heart healthy and actually look better than you did when you were younger. Or the best way to let all the hair get the benefit take some oil between your palms and rub both the palms and them start rubbing the hair with your fingers. Imagine your skin getting tighter, your hair returning to it’s natural color, length, thickness and fullness. And this is not just a healthy organ program, it gives you more physical strength, stamina, and you are biologically younger and it shows in your outer appearance! During the next nine years he successfully treated over 800 patients suffering from sinusitis and respiratory infections and published his medical case studies. Several clinical studies have found that NAC is highly effective against chronic sinusitis and bronchitis .
It’s how your cells age and instead of producing new healthy cells, it makes cells with imperfections that age you (age spots, skin wrinkling, loss of elasticity, organ failure, brain aging and memory problems. Your  body straightening up, excess body fat transforming into healthy toned muscle tissue. Waynorowski, uses a few natural supplements that has proven to improve the biomarkers of aging, in laboratory studies as well as personally in his own life.
After 2 weeks on sinuvil my sinuses completly cleared up and I have been taking a maintenace dose for 4 months with no sinus problem!
Other research showed that it slows down HIV virus replication and is a recommended treatment for AIDS . Quercetin has amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial , anti-tumor and anti-allergic effects. A physician has published a case study involving his observations of chronic sinusitis patients who received a therapeutic dose of quercetin for three months.
Other studies have shown improved respiratory function and lower risk of infections for people who consume plenty of apples (rich in Quercetin).
It not only reduces inflammation of the sinuses and lungs but also compensates for the negative effects of pollution.
Mullein leaf has been used in Europe for thousands of years as a remedy for respiratory problems.
Mullein flower is approved by the Commission E (the European equivalent of the US FDA) for treatment of cough and congestion. Mullein is an excellent remedy for sinus congestion and sinusitis.REISHI Mushroom is called "the mushroom of immortality" in China and has been used in Oriental Medicine for over 2,000 years. In one study, more the 2000 Chinese with chronic bronchitis took reishi and within two weeks, 90% of them felt better . Reishi is also recommended for patients with AIDS because it is an excellent immune system booster.PANAX GINSENG is a plant that grows in Asia. Its main active components are ginsenosides, which have been shown to have a variety of beneficial effects, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer effects. In one study of 75 patients with chronic bronchitis treated with antibiotics or antibiotics plus ginseng, those in the ginseng group recovered faster than the other group.
Another study showed that ginseng may help prevent flu and colds by boosting the immune system .
Ginsenosides were also shown to reduce pain without causing drowsiness , making Ginseng beneficial for sinus headaches. Bromelain helps treat sinus infections because of its powerful anti-inflammatory and mucus thinning properties. Another double blind clinical trial found that 85% of patients taking bromelain recovered quickly from respiratory difficulties and inflammation . For many centuries, it has been used as an herbal remedy for sinus headaches, cough, asthma, whooping cough, fever and spasms. A clinical study showed that Butterbur helps improve lung ventilation in patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis and asthma .
Another study showed it is also an effective treatment for migraine headaches .WILD CHERRY is native to North America. Native Americans discovered its medicinal qualities particularly for treating respiratory infections. Herbal wild cherry is anti-viral & anti-bacterial and most helpful for sinus, upper respiratory infections, colds & flu.ZINC & SELENIUM are minerals that are abundant in Brazil nuts. Zinc and selenium are vital to the production of the two most powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging enzymes in the body. A combination of zinc and selenium can shorten and reduce the severity of sinus infections. A study showed that elderly patients who received zinc and selenium had fewer infections than patients who received a placebo .

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