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You can read some more information about the link between sinusitis symptoms and tooth grinding HERE. Garrett BennettThe old English proverb reminds us that “the eyes are the window to the soul.” Puffy eyes and dark circles are two common problems that many men and women experience, both old and young. In fact, these issues are so common that many European luxury cosmetic companies offer high-priced creams and serums that promise miraculous results.
However, if expensive miracle creams are not in your budget, then read this article for more cost-effective tips on how to banish the bags and create glowing, radiant eyes.Why is the skin around my eyes so sensitive? This means that the slightest change in your diet or sleep schedule can cause puffiness and dark circles.
Swollen blood vessels cause the veins behind the eyes to dilate and darken, giving the appearance of dark circles. When this delicate area is constantly swelling and shrinking, the eyes can become puffy and irritated.What are the symptoms of puffy eyes and dark circles?To test whether your eyes are swollen, gently press two fingers on the soft, cushy areas below your eyes, on either side of your nose. Beneath the skin, these sinus cavities filter out dirt and bacteria through mucus drainage. In the case of infection, the cavities are unable to filter out dirt and the mucus stays blocked in the sinuses, causing inflammation.

Due to their location, when the sinuses swell, so do your eyes, giving the appearance of bags or puffiness.What causes dark circles and puffiness under my eyes?Dark circles and bags under the eyes may result from several different factors. Other allergens must simply be avoided.Enlarged adenoids – The adenoids are small tissues found near the back of the throat, directly above the tonsils. Dark circles under the eyes are hereditary in some families and different cultures, so if you don’t suffer from sinus or sleep problems, then your particular ethnicity might be to blame. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to prevent dark blemishes under the eyes, however you can follow certain tips on how to disguise them or make them less noticeable. An ENT doctor can help alleviate dark circles by testing for the conditions that are causing the problem.
For example, if you suspect allergies are to blame, he or she may perform an allergy test.Your ENT might also look for swollen adenoids. Almond oil also contains Vitamins E and K, which are known to reduce blemishes and inflammation under the eyes.
All can be found at your local pharmacy or drugstore.Decongestants contain antihistamines, which block the substances in the air that cause your sinuses to swell. Maintain a healthy diet by including nuts, beans and leafy, green veggies in your meals, as well as whole grains and plenty of fruit.

When the sinuses are clear, the blood vessels near your eyes lighten in color and shrink.Read more about neti pots here, including a step-by-step instructions for use.
A half-inch thick slice of potato skin can double for a cold compress if chilled first in the fridge. Although rare, dark circles and eye irritation may be symptoms for thyroid or kidney problems. Always be aware of how long dark circles persist, and note whether treatments are effective.
Also be cognizant of your breathing and congestion levels, as under-eye problems are closely connected to the sinuses.Treating a sinus infection can mean not only breathing easy, but can also be the secret to healthy, refreshed eyes. Bennett has been recognized as a Top Doctor in the RealSelf peer voted community.Castle Connolly Top Doctor 2016Dr.

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