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Fashion Exaggeration Metal Skull Triangle Earrings Pinterest Pictures, Fashion Exaggeration Metal Skull Triangle Earrings Facebook Images, Fashion Exaggeration Metal Skull Triangle Earrings Photos for Tumblr.
Yes, although it is requested that a buyers looking for international shipping contact Fidget's Attic before purchasing, so that costs and other shipping details can be arranged properly.
Discarded magazines are the medium used by artisans to make the vivid necklaces (available in various lengths, bead sizes and colors). Colorful and pleasing to the eye, these beads portray the vibrancy of life, in stark contrast to the squalid, impoverished and often war-ravaged living conditions of the women who make them. Unlike many African handcrafts, the bulk of materials used to create these beads come from recyclable materials. Fidget’s Attic has been given the honor of helping vend the wares brought in by the Vibrant Beads Co. When I have free time I like to make jewelry and crochet, and sometimes do other arts and crafts.

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Featuring ceramic parrot beads, bone carved skull beads, amethyst glass beads and chilli enamel charms with sterling silver ear hooks.
Once shipped most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service. The Vibrant Bead Company is set to change your perception of what is precious by introducing a line of spectacular beaded jewelry that is as fashion forward as it is environmentally and socially conscious.
Strands take approximately nine hours to create; an exercise in patience for each labor intensive bead to be formed. The Vibrant Bead Company was founded by Shanna Lee and Heath Bell in 2009 to share the work of these talented craftswomen, as well as help support their communities.

This sustainable and environmentally-friendly jewelry line offers a welcome alternative for those seeking responsible fashion choices.
I do accept special requests on Crochet items and Jewelry items (Summertime is best for requests).
Hand rolled from recyclable materials, these beads are individually crafted by indigenous women living throughout the Central African region. The very nature of this process insures that no two beads, or necklaces, will ever be the same, thus making each finished creation a one-of-a-kind work of art. The artistry and skill taken to create each bead makes every strand a masterpiece as well as a miracle of ingenuity.

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