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SportEAR XP3 Variable Noise Reduction Ear Plugs feature a variable attenuation acoustic filter, and an ergonomic, low-profile design that holds the ear plugs comfortably in place no matter how active you are. With the stopper closed, XP3 provides a constant NRR 24 level of noise protection that is ideal in many industrial environments, in the workshop at home and for indoor shooting.
The low profile of the XP3 means you can wear these comfortable form fitting ear plugs under helmets, with hats of all kinds and even while sleeping.
NOTE: if you need an extra large or extra small size, we recommend the SureFire EarPro ear plugs which offer similar form factor and performance.

Soft & Luxurious Mask, Satin Exterior, Jersey Cotton Interior, Removable Silicone Ear Muffs Reduce Noise By Approx 15-20db Nrr.
SportEar XP3 has an ultra soft triple flange tip sized to fit most people with small to average sized ear canals.
With the stopper open, XP3 will allow sounds below 80 dB to pass through easily, so you can hear game in the field when hunting, road sounds while riding your bike in the city, the full range of music at concerts, and voices in noisy environments. With the stopper open, the level of acoustic resistance varies with the noise level: the louder the noise, the more it attenuates the sound, providing you with just the protection level you need in many different noise situations.

Dual straps provide full 'Over-The-Head' adjustability.VERSATILE & DURABLE - It's slim, compact, lightweight &A fully machine washableA - wash, dry & wear; again and again and again!

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