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Ear Plug superstore offers unique gift ideas you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're shopping for a friend, a loved one, or a co-worker, we offer a great selection of interesting items that all make excellent gifts! If your purchase is a gift being sent directly to the recipient, and you would like us to include a personal note to the recipient, just enter the note into the gift message box you will see during checkout and we will include your gift message, along with a packing list with prices removed. With a set of team-color earplugs to represent your favorite NFL team, you're ready to get your hearing protection game on. These natural sound ear plugs from Crescendo, maker of top-of-the-line musician ear plugs, are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time tending the lawn, trimming trees and bushes, or working in the garden. These one-step do-it-yourself custom molded earplugs are an excellent choice for anyone who needs to wear hearing protection but hates the hassle and waste of conventional disposable plugs.

When you want to listen to music, but you also need hearing protection, these earbuds for workers are the perfect solution.
This compact white noise machine is an unbeatable gift for anyone who has to sleep with snoring or other disturbing sounds.
These headphones use noise canceling technology to kill unwanted noises before they can assault your ears.
Each hat features two small, built-in speakers that sit inside little interior pouches over the ears. Block out screaming fans and blaring PA systems, so you can take in the game comfortably at a safer volume.

Drift off to dreamland while listening to your favorite tunes, fall asleep faster, and get more out of relaxation time with these comfortable earphones.
These earphones feature a low-profile, in-ear fit, and they allow you to listen to music while still protection your hearing.
A variety of white noise sounds and alarm clock features makes this great gadget the perfect item for anyone's bedside table.

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