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Tennis Fit's elite tennis athletes and coaches in Johns Creek, GA provides instructions for the serve, forehand, backhand, return of serve, overhead, volley, drop shot and lob.
Tennis Fit is committed to providing you with the skills you need to become the best all-court player you can be! Here you will find images and instruction that will help you understand how each of these strokes is performed. One handed backhand slice, one handed backhand topspin, forehand, forehand volley, backhand volley, flat serve, kick serve.

For a tennis and fitness evaluation or custom program please contact Bryan Hiner or Amyn Soldier to discuss scheduling and fees. Rafa has no doubt put Mallorca on the map and will now leave his legacy there with this gigantic tennis center, which will be a school for children from age five, and is expected to open in September.
A little summer Friday treat for you all: Feliciano Lopez was spotted showing off his beach body in the waves of Ibiza, Spain, yesterday.
You must become a master of all the specific shots that allow you to disable your opponent and prevent them from hitting their particular shots.

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