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Jinta Yadomi and his group of childhood friends have become estranged after a tragic accident split them apart.
The attacks come in three physical forms: guard break attacks, heavy attacks, and rapid attacks. When not questing in a dungeon, you will be going through menus that represent the Gamindustry.
Now in their high school years, a sudden surprise forces each of them to confront their guilt over what happened that day and come to terms with the ghosts of their past.
Neptune and the other goddess CPUs of Gamindustry are imprisoned in the Gamindustry Graveyard. Here you can accept and turn in quests, craft items and equipment using the materials you gathered and talk to people in towns via the Chirper. Doing this will reduce the number of party members in battle, but will offer up more support for the characters you do have in battle. You’ll hit points in the game where you can’t complete a story mission due to the difficulty of the battle. You can take on quests that help take away Arfoire’s influence over the lands of Gamindustry.

A cool little feature for the customizers out there: You can put pictures on your PS3 hard drive and upload them to the game and change how Nepgear looks when she’s in goddess form. Of course, if you want to bring out a supporting character in battle you can always switch up in the battle menu.
Luckily, they are able to rescue CPU candidate in training, Nepgear, Neptune’s little sister. These are relatively simple: gathering quests that have you obtain a certain number of items or materials, and hunting quests that have you defeat a certain number of monsters. Team attacks can result in an EX finisher that strings the combo into a devastating final blow.
Some can even become an event cut scene that may increase your friendship with your party members or learn a new ability. Supporting characters will still gain EXP and offer up special attributes and abilities for the leader of the team.
Now, it’s up to Nepgear, If, and Compa to recruit the other CPU candidates, rescue their CPU sisters, and defeat Arfoire for good.
By completing quests and lowering Arforie’s influence in a certain area, your team becomes more influential and more powerful in dungeons.

All attacks require Ability Points (AP) There are also special attacks you can use that require both AP and Special Points (SP) These attacks come in a variety of flavors. Cutesy anime girls that are quirky and goofy will not entertain the RPG players that love blood and guts.
You position your characters around enemies on the battlefield and choose attacks from a menu. Some boost the stats of your party members, some have an area of effect, and some can be devastating attack moves. If you put two party members too close to each other, some enemies can attack both characters at once. The battles break down into a nice flow of bringing down the enemies’ guard points, attacking with combos, and positioning your team correctly.

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