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After you've determined what size you're at now, you can buy some jewelry in the next size up to start the stretching process! If you've been at your current size for a very long time, it may be safe to pop in your new jewelry without any additional materials. Something else that can be extremely helpful for stretching is some type of lubricant to help your new jewelry in. These cool new ear gauges body jewelry are all available at Body Candy where you can order online quickly and easily.
One of the biggest problems with buying online is selecting the size gauge you need without flipping through page after page of items that are cool but not the right size for where you’re at. Ear gauging jewelry that is natural and tribal looking is a way to make a personal statement that reflects your very own way of life.
Some other unusual pieces in ear gauges are the black horn and white bone Tornado organic ear plugs gauges for $24.79 in a variety of sizes.
Some very cool ear gauges extend out of the ear in a horn shape, some have mother of pearl inlays, some are solid bone.
Each stage takes approximately two weeks and you may stretch with larger and larger tapers until you have the desired size hole, and then you may begin to wear fancier plugs and large ear gauge sizes. You may choose to wear spiral ear gauges or curved tapers during the process, or plastic or acrylic cheap ear gauges. Do not pierce your own ears, or attempt to create large holes in your lobes without the supervision or help of a trained piercing professional.
Once you have the size you desire, try some funky insect or bug ear gauges with scorpions and other creatures like spiders and beetles set in clear resin for under $12. For very hip sparkling black ear gauges with cubic zirconia accents, there are several styles to choose from. This entry was posted in Body Jewelry and tagged cheap ear gauges, cheap gauges, ear gauge sizes, ear gauges, ear gauges body jewelry, ear gauging, gauge ear plugs by admin. A cheek ladder or journey is a grouping of piercings that are generally placed diagonally across the cheek (vertical and horizontal variations have also been documented).
Dermal implants take a lot of precision and care to execute correctly; make sure to view your piercer’s healed dermal photos before being pierced.
Embedded jewelry remains under the skin through the life of the piercing so it is important that you use a high quality anchor; surgical grade steel or titanium is recommend. If you do not want microdermal piercings for your ladder you can also opt for a traditional puncture of the cheek.
The initial piercing jewelry can be a flat back labret or a barbell; there are pros and cons to each.
There is a wide range of body jewelry to choose from, but you should only stretch with smooth, non-porous materials. This is called dead stretching, and is only recommended when your piercings are beyond healed at their current size.

With Body Candy you can go right to starter ear gauges or the biggest gauges for ears by selecting from 28 categories of sizes – from 1.6mm or 14 gauge plug to 38mm or 1 ? inches. For centuries the practice of gradually stretching a pierced hole has been done throughout the world. To start you may want to insert them slowly using oil, a sterile lubricant or petroleum jelly, and slide your tapers in one at a time without forcing too much.
Some of the cheap styles are funky in neon colors and styles that let you look hip even while stretching the piercings. They come in 18mm to 24mm sizes and have actual scorpions and other insects set in the resin saddle plug. There are stainless steel plugs in every color with and without gems, and even rainbow colored titanium designs that will match your modern outfits. For the procedure the piercer removes hair in the area, cleans it with alcohol based cleanser, marks it with a surgical pen, and then inserts a piercing needle or small dermal punch to bore an L shaped opening under the skin creating a pocket in which to insert the anchor. Piercing of the cheek is tricky, but very popular due to its aesthetic value and internet fandom.
The barbell is used in many cases so the skin does not grow over the flat back, but the flat back provides comfort and lessens the chance of the jewelry damaging the teeth or gums of the person pierced. And there’s everything in-between, like 0g ear gauges, taper ear gauges and even some really cool spiral ear gauges.
Bone ear gauges are eccentric and personal with ancient roots that stem from tribes who created similar ear adornments as rites of passage. What appears to be a very large hole in the earlobe may actually not have been cut out, so to speak, but simply stretched over time.
They are categorized as organic ear plug gauges and the one we like the most is called the Scorpion Inlay Poly Resin Saddle Plug. You can have fun selecting lots of different ear lobe gauges and tapers so you don’t get bored while going through the process.
For star ear gauges to the cutest and smallest ear gauges you can find them all at Body Candy. And if you’re interested in setting up your own piercing business, you will find all you need to get started in piercing and jewelry supplies at discount prices. With this grouping of piercings the adornments in the jewelry are generally graduated, the smallest gems being closer to the ear and the largest being closer to the mouth. Multiple surface anchors are often done in patterns, like the cheek ladder, or journey piercing.
Buy a taper in the same size as your jewelry -- long, steel tapers are preferred, but any taper is better than none. There’s many ear gauge sizes and lots of other unusual pieces like the 2 gauge organic palm wood studded plug that looks like an arrowhead.
This is done by getting a standard size piercing and then stretching the hole using different ear gauges plugs, starting with small ones and gradually working up to big ear gauges.

You will need to disinfect your tapers and lobes with alcohol on a regular basis during the processes. Start with small ear gauges sizes and move from one gauge size to another with patience, allowing time for each stage to heal completely.
There are fun girl ear gauges in purple and pink, some with sparkling cubic zirconia and gemstones and lots of cute ear gauges for all ages and tastes. Shop ear gauges easily by size, style or color with their well organized selection of products for girls and guys. Either a series of barbells are pierced through the cheek or a series of microdermal implants are placed on the surface of the cheek. One of the most well known cheek piercing rituals is found in the vegetatian festivals in Phuket Thailand. You only need one taper to stretch multiple piercings, and tapers shouldn't be worn as jewelry (although some of them are very pretty!). The beauty of stretching is that if you decide you don’t want a large hole, it’s possible to return to smaller size earring, and eventually your large ear gauges can be replaced with small ones once again. The adornments on the microdermal anchors or barbells used in them generally have graduated stones to create a unique look.
There is very little to no chance of tooth or gum damage due to the piercing not penetrating the cheek completely, and microdermal implants are much kinder to your face. After the piercing is healed it is important to change to shorter jewelry, which further reduces the chance of damage to the teeth from unintentional biting.
With the help of a professional piercer and proper aftercare, cheek piercings may be just what you need to complete your look, Sweet Cheeks! The implants are put in with a permanent method that involves making a perforation in the sub-dermal skin layer of your body.
Some of the microdermal plates have holes drilled in them so the tissue grows into the bases to secure the jewelry.
Cheek piercings can cause nerve damage, damage to the parotid duct, and have a tendency to leak or secrete an unpleasant smelling lymph fluid. Depending on the amount of steps in your ladder you may have to get this project done in multiple sittings to reduce trauma to the body. When done correctly it looks like the jewelry is glued on, flush to the flesh, kind of like you just had your skin bedazzled.

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