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We also have Bitesize study guides covering many subjects at National 4 and National 5 on our Knowledge & Learning BETA website.
Adding more copper sulphate will eventually mean that the water cannot dissolve any more solid, i.e.
The solubility of a solute can be measured by carefully weighing the solute as it is added to a certain volume of solvent (e.g. By calculating the exact mass of solute that has been dissolved, the solubility is determined. Trees in their natural environment get a constant recycling of nutrients from the forest ground.
Smart factories – Automated and flexible manufacturing processes that are integrated with customers and business partners in support of product lifecycle changes — will impact current factory layouts. The Internet of Services – Connecting production facilities across geographies and company boundaries to create virtual production capabilities will create new business models and disrupt current supply chain designs. Advanced Analytics – Capitalizing on big data and predictive analytics — to drive flexibility at the process level, not just production lines or factories — will put more pressure on organizations to use production data to its fullest.
Focus on the knowledge worker – The rise of smart machines will not see the demise of the knowledge worker — rather, this increasing complexity demands supply chain professionals expand their problem solving and systems engineering skills. One can’t really discuss big data and predictive analytics without discussing artificial intelligence systems (specifically cognitive computing systems).
Supplier management – The dynamic ‘reconfigurability’ of supply networks that Industrie 4.0 promises requires re-examining service-level agreements with upstream and contracted suppliers. Supply chain visibility – To respond as quickly as possible to planned and unplanned events, the supply chain needs to be as transparent as possible.
Demand Planning – Mass customization requires a connection of production capabilities, with the supply chain based on a clear understanding and translation of fluctuating demand patterns into targeted production units.
Supply network design – To achieve agility and supply resiliency without compromising time to market, supply networks will need realignment. As noted above, Industry 4.0 is being fueled by the IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence.
Seeing the future – and changing it — Operational analytics are great at telling us what just happened and why.

Getting customers into the data-collection game — The winners in our new data-driven economy will be the companies that can gather vast amounts of data and turn it into actionable processes within their supply chain. It helps conserve moisture, reduces compaction, adds nutrients to the soil, prevents root and trunk damage from mowers and can add a nice look to the landscape. Then, once your leaves have fallen this is the time for a deep soaking to help them through the winter. The dormant season is a great time as it is easy to identify branches that should be removed.
It will eventually open the tree up to many more problems and financial costs to the homeowner.
Considering our northern climate, spring would be preferred to fall after the ground is thawed.
Dedicated capacities, enhanced risk profiling, IP protection and the reliability of materials will all need to be included. A 2014 Gartner study showed that this is an area where many companies fall short of expectations.
New physical devices, such as products, tools or even factory equipment, will have interconnected technology embedded in them.
For manufacturers, the data gathering doesn’t stop at the boundaries of the organization — it includes information collected at customer sites. Sensors come into play here, too. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.
When there is a small amount of solute left which cannot be dissolved, the solution is saturated. Depending on rainfall and daily temperatures you should water your trees 1-2 times per week. Analyzing all of that data for insights and recommendations will be beyond the capability of humans without the assistance of cognitive computing systems.
As smarter factories take root, ensuring that alignment is done in a holistic way — not just within manufacturing or logistics — will be critical.
The ECS is a fully configurable platform, but we also have pre-configured solutions ready to go for a variety of industries.

But they’re now using the predictive aspects of big data to monitor their operations against their quality standards. It’s becoming highly cost-effective for manufacturers to embed sensors into the products they deliver to customers — and the data they’re getting back is well worth the small investment in hardware. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers late in the season as this will promote new, weak growth that can be damaged during the winter months. All these factors have collided to create a golden opportunity for manufacturers, who can now use massive data volumes in unexpected new ways.
That often means predicting when a machine or tool is about to break — before it starts churning out defective products.
By extending the quality control process beyond purchase and throughout the life of their products, manufacturers now gather information that catapults their products to higher levels of performance better design, and longer lifespan. Most routine decisions will be made by such systems and human decision makers will only be alerted when an anomaly occurs. Big data doesn’t just reassure manufacturers that they’re producing high-quality products — it also convinces their customers. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.
This will free them to focus on the most important business decisions — and there will be a lot to focus on. Manufacturers now provide an incredible breadth and depth of data on their products’ construction and testing, establishing up front that they’ve delivered something of lasting value. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. But until recently, its high cost made it practical for only very expensive products or shop equipment.
And as the Internet of Things continues to mature, manufacturers are gathering more and more data automatically.

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