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A statement for bass lovers, the iconic XB600 headphones are a statement for all those who crave bass. At a Glance Small yet powerful noise cancellation The XBA-NC85 is an impressive combination of noise cancelling technology and small lightweight design. These superb M4U 2 noise cancelling headphones from PSB provide the perfect way to enjoy your music in peace. Maximize your wireless listening: Enjoy high quality Bluetooth audio streaming1 and simplified connectivity with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. Hai thu?t ng? tai nghe kh? ?n ch? d?ng (active noise cancalling) va tai nghe cach am th? d?ng (passive noise isolating) thu?ng hay b? nh?m l?n do m?c dich gi?ng nhau, song th?c ra cach ho?t d?ng l?i r?t khac. M?t trong nh?ng ly do quan tr?ng nh?t ma nhi?u ngu?i tim t?i tai nghe chinh la kh? nang cach am. D? ph?c v? cho m?c dich nay thi cac hang lam tai nghe da di theo hai xu hu?ng: kh? ?n ch? d?ng (active noise cancalling) va cach am th? d?ng (passive noise isolating).
Th?c ch?t, cach am th? d?ng (passive noise isolating) th?c ch?t la khai ni?m r?t quen thu?c.
Tai nghe cach am th? d?ng co th? gay c?m giac bi khi s? d?ng, d?ng th?i cung gay tac d?ng it nhi?u t?i ch?t lu?ng am thanh.
Cac ca si chuyen nghi?p thu?ng hay s? d?ng tai nghe custom inear (con g?i la CIEM) b?i co d? cach am cao, phu h?p moi tru?ng san kh?u r?t ?n ao.

Ngu?c l?i, cac tai nghe earbud va tai nghe di d?ng v?i thi?t k? d?m tren vanh tai (con g?i la on-ear) thu?ng khong co kh? nang cach am t?t. Kh? ?n ch? d?ng (active noise cancalling) nen du?c g?i la m?t cong ngh?, ch? khong don thu?n la thi?t k?.
Cong ngh? nay co uu di?m la co th? kh? ?n v?i m?i thi?t k? tai nghe, k? c? tai nghe co thi?t k? m? v?i d? cach am kem. Vi?c dua them m?t tinh nang m?i vao cac tai nghe thu?ng s? khi?n gia ban c?a s?n ph?m cao hon, thu?ng ? m?c 20-50USD so v?i phien b?n tieu chu?n, nhu chi?c Audio Technica ATH-MSR7NC m?i ra m?t.
Ben c?nh do, vi?c kh? ?n nhu v?y cung tac d?ng ph?n nao t?i ch?t lu?ng am thanh, ma di?m d? nh?n ra la gi?m b?t d? chi ti?t c?a am thanh t? tai nghe. Cong ngh? kh? ?n ch? d?ng co l?i th? la co th? di?u ch?nh du?c m?c d? hi?u qu?, nen phu h?p v?i nhi?u hoan c?nh s? d?ng khac nhau. After some great detective work on your new Headphones purchase, you should be in a position to see some great offers. Tinh nang nay giup ngu?i dung khong gay phi?n nhi?u ngu?i xung quanh, cung nhu tranh du?c ti?ng ?n noi cong c?ng.
H?u h?t tai nghe d?u it nhi?u co kh? nang cach ly ti?ng ?n ben ngoai, tr? cac dong tai nghe open-back nhu c?a Grado, Stax… Cac tai nghe du?c thi?t k? ph?n v? b?c driver (c? loa) cang kin thi co kh? nang cach am cang cao. Cac tai nghe kin thu?ng co bass ch?c hon (n?u du?c thi?t k? c?ng hu?ng t?t), song khong gian am tru?ng it khi r?ng rai.

Cac tai nghe trum d?u (fullsize headphone) v?i thi?t k? closed-back va cac tai nghe inear thong thu?ng cung co kh? nang cach am t?t tuy thu?c thi?t k? c?a nha s?n xu?t.
Cac nha s?n xu?t thu?ng s? tich h?p them m?t microphone d? theo doi ti?ng ?n xung quanh, di kem m?t m?ch phan tich va x? ly tin hi?u, sau do phat am thanh co bu?c song d?i ngh?ch v?i ti?ng ?n, v?i m?c dich tri?t tieu am thanh khong phat ra t? tai nghe. Tuy nhien, di?m b?t ti?n chinh la ngu?n di?n t? gi?c am thanh 3,5mm khong th? cung c?p d? cho m?ch kh? ?n, nen bu?c cac nha s?n xu?t ph?i tich h?p them pin s?c, n?n s? tang tr?ng lu?ng c?a tai nghe len dang k?.
Chinh tac d?ng ph? nay khi?n cho cong ngh? kh? ?n ch? d?ng khong du?c long cac hang s?n xu?t tai nghe hi-end, ma thu?ng ch? xu?t hi?n tren cac s?n ph?m binh dan-trung c?p. Cac cong ngh? kh? ?n m?i th?m chi cho phep d? ? m?c th?p, nen gi?ng noi c?a ngu?i ben c?nh v?n co th? nghe du?c, tranh cac tru?ng h?p “s?p g?i” ho?c “chuong di?n tho?i” ma khong nghe th?y.
Ben c?nh do, cac v?t li?u nhu mut b?t bi?n, da thu?c… ? ph?n d?m tai cung h? tr? kh? nang cach am.

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