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The Verdict: As with any expensive noise cancelling headphones that are geared towards frequent flyers, comfort, sound quality, and noise cancelling are all equally important when reviewing. Accessories These headphones come with a huge carrying case that is packed full of accessories. Believe or not, i got this set headset but never had opportunity to used it bcoz wire inside accidental snap!! Despite the bloodbath of television cancellations last week, NBC is on a roll picking up new shows to fill the schedule in the second half of this year. Meet Razer's Ultrabook -- the Razer Blade Stealth -- with a new sleek form factor, the latest Intel Core i7 processor and QHD or 4K display panels.
Starting at $1,549 with the highest-end version priced at $2,449, this is Razer's attempt to replace your portable computer, your desktop computer and your gaming computer all in one swoop. Astronomers have used 15 years of X-ray data to make this video of the remnants of a white dwarf that famously exploded in 1572. It must be noted that these headphones always have the noise cancelling feature on, so they aren’t exactly like a pair of normal headphones.

I could barely hear the roar of the jet’s engines, but at the same time I could slightly hear important outside sounds, like my girl friend asking me to get her ice cream. The case is so big that it makes carrying it sort of a hassle, but it does have every accessory you could ever need. It’s my understanding that it converts the analogue signal digitally by using a digital processor, and then it can apply different environmental filters based on the surroundings. I tested the noise cancelling against a pair of US$200 JVC HA-NC250 on-the-ear noise cancelling headphones. When you first turn the headphones on they use the standard non-environmently filtered noise cancelling. In the higher volume levels the headphones start to produce very light noise and some minimal distortion. This setting worked well, but by clicking the AI (artificial intelligence) button located right next to the power switch, the audio cut out for a second then came back even better.
I think these are only for those frequent flyers who are regularly taking flights longer than 5 hours.

A month ago on a SF to Paris flight, I wore these headphones for a continuous 10 hours before I started to notice discomfort. The AI NC mode uses an automatic environmental filter mode where it can detect the HZ range of noise and apply a filter to mask it. The US$400 price tag can only be justified if the headphones are being used a few times a month and not just to block out sounds around the house.
I did play with the different manual modes for a bit but found that the automatic setting could choose the right one for me, so I had no need for the manual settings.

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