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Using the headphones built-in Bluetooth, you can simply connect to your smartphone or tablet and stream your music.
Listening time can last up to 8 hours and you can recharge the headphones battery using the USB port. Star Wars Design The fun Star Wars design makes it easy to show your love for the Force – and the Darth Vader eyes glow with an incredible luminous effect when you listen to your music!
Impressive Audio The headphones produce high quality audio, bringing your music to life and defining your listening experience.

Comfortable Build The soft ear cups and flexible head band have been designed so you can listen to music for up to eight hours without feeling discomfort. Smartphone Configuration Call-handling is simple with these headphones, as the integrated microphone and easy touch controls on the ear cups work together to seamless move you from music to call.
The Headphones price category is available in the Headphones section of this website and will display a range of prices from a selection of UK retailers. Their brass sound path creates clearer mid and high tones that bring more detail to every track.

Tap into the heart of your favourite tracks and lose yourself in the Y40’s easy-wearing comfort.

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