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Mar 8, 2016 By Tuan Do Leave a CommentAll audiophiles keep searching for a perfect sound from headphones but we’re never satisfied with our current setup. I was a little disappointed with the build quality of the product, so I hoped the audio will help justify its hefty price.
I can see that the headphones will be suitable for music listeners who prefer a warm sound.
All audiophiles keep searching for a perfect sound from headphones but we're never satisfied with our current setup. The M100 is among a few on-ear headphones that could stay on my head for over 1 hour without causing unpleasant feelings. The SoundPerfect M100 doesn’t look like a premium product as most parts are made of plastic.

I think there might be a loose connection to the driver on the left earcup of my headphones.
Its sound signature is similar to the more expensive Master & Dynamic MH30 as the overall sound is very warm with punchy bass. If you are looking for well-balanced headphones with clear mids and airy sound, you can try other ones like the Beyerdynamic T51i. GearBest is also offering a lot more affordable headphones and you can check them out here.
It doesn’t press hard against my ears to make them hot and hurt like many other headphones. The headband and earpads are covered in PU leather which is cheaper, less durable and doesn’t feel great when you touch it.

The M100 manages to produce a good soundstage as compared to other on-ear headphones, I can hear the instrument separation very well.
I expected PerfectSound could include some extra drivers inside but there are none, so you will have to spend more money for the drivers and they are not easy to buy.
Sometimes, I feel the bass becomes too prominent, so the sound is not suitable when listening to classical music. I was surprised when I took the headphones out, they were very lightweight at just over 0.4 lbs, lighter than any on-ear headphones I've ever used.

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