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Turtle Beach transforms your gaming world with a revolutionary selection of cutting edge technologies. Turtle Beach is the market leader in video game headsets – we’ve been in the audio business for over 35 years, and now we’re innovating and changing the way people hear their video games with a wide range of headsets that appeal to just about every gaming demographic there is. Model ER custom ear plugs are similar to Westone Style 49, except that the Model ER is made in a half shell with embeded filters, while the Style 49 are made canal only with the filters snapped into the end of the molds.
Which sound filters are right for me?To choose the right filter, first consider your situation. Talking about the Triton One, Gross told me, “I think part of the magic is that we approach it in the same way as the designers of those very expensive products and really focus on all the little details, as though our speaker were going to sell for $50,000 or whatever. Sure enough, in spite of its high-end aspirations, the Triton One doesn’t include any super-exotic materials to ooh and ahhh over. Those looking for more information than what was given should look at the reviews for the earlier models. The important part is not that there's more subwoofer - it's how well the subwoofer is integrated into the whole speaker. The review noted is of the Triton 1, and I did an A-B comparison on the Triton 1 against the Revel F208 and I can tell you. I agree with other readers that a direct comparison vs other speakers in the same price range would make for an interesting read. Since you are in the process of reviewing the ST-L, it would also be very interesting if you included some comparisons to the Triton 1 since they are priced at the same level. Honestly, this type of gushing review is a bit sickening- but not unusual- Goldenear is the most hyped product line in memory. Everyone has thier own taste in speakers, but I have heard many of the very best for under 15k and the Triton twos are worthy of the ridiculous gushing press, they are THAT good. I was thinking the same exact thing regarding this review as some of the commenters on here: It is WAY TOO SHORT.
I've subscribed to Home Theater for almost 10 years now, and I can say that sadly, this magazine has been gradually but obviously dumbed down--for WHO I have no idea--, and I am NOT happy. For perspective: This was a review of a single speaker model intended for music listening in a stereo pair. I must be naive in requesting a comparison if this has not been done in the past due to the fear of pissing off advertisers.
But, another reader responded " I stood and sat in every part of the room; no noticeable difference in the quality of the sound or the tweeter dispersion. Gross admirers should know that he was reportedly the person responsible for those ubiquitous Polk ads through the 1980s with quotation marks about the headline --- "Greatest speaker ever made by far" and the like --- as though someone had actually said it.
Surround sound audio, pristine fidelity, wireless functionality, and precision customization come together to create a product that completes your high definition gaming experience and puts you a step up on the standard headset competition.
Make sure you are running the most up-to-date firmware by connecting to the Ear Force Audio Hub.

A do-it-yourself impression kit and free Priority Mail shipping (US addresses only) are included.
Both are secure, but the Style 49 is a slimmer style while the Model ER offers more protection for the filters. Snappy is also compatible with more choices in replaceable ear tips than any other earphones, and ships with three sizes of Got Ears?
Furthermore, the speaker industry as a whole has reached an impressive level of maturity in design and manufacturing, which means there are a lot of excellent, affordable models on the market.
Should it just be Vinyl, SACD or CDs as a minimum quality of storage or are MP3s acceptable?
You can buy what you wish, You already changed your mind in buying the Aperion and have gone with the SVS.
Its never goes into any meaningful detail on these speakers, scrutinizing their sound quality, setup, its reads more like an advertisement. A $17K system should get, I dunno, five pages, and a $1,000 budget system should get, what -- a half page? We obviously have less editorial space than we did 10 years ago, but still continue to include our own quasi-anechoic measurements and go out of our way in most reviews to explain what the speaker designer has done that's deemed to be special, and to describe the speaker's sonic character.
It seems that you guys had direct contact with Sandy Gross during the review: shouldn't that made it easier? DTS Surround Sound Modes with genre-specific presets for music, movies and games further customize your listening experience.
Please send me a free kit.I have or will get impressions locally and send to you within 2 weeks. With his best friend, Howie Ursaner, the Gold Dust Twins (as they were called) were a professional racing team that competed around the country.
Not surprisingly, Polk Audio and Definitive Technology (both during and after Gross’ tenures there) deserve significant credit for innovations and advancements in the art and science of loudspeaker design that have brought us to this point. But you really had to take Gross seriously, because he had the experience, the resources, and the gumption to pull it off. But is it the One—the achievement that Gross had in mind when GoldenEar Technology didn’t even have a name yet? The slenderizing design is common throughout the Triton lineup, as is the use of GoldenEar’s excellent High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) tweeter. Despite the klutziness of the salesman and the shortcomings of the demo, they all sounded good and I enjoy a bit of each track of DSOTM. These are 5k speakers people, and I want a little more than silly, distasteful comparisons to condoms when describing the tweeter. In this case, Darryl had the benefit of referencing our archived reviews of smaller versions of pretty much the same speaker design. Can you provide an example were Triton One would "sound better" than speakers costing 2x more?

But, giving the SAME space to a 17k system as you would to a 1k system is a little ridiculous. The Stealth 500X also includes a mobile cable for mobile gaming, music and movies anywhere you choose.We don’t want you to only take our word for it! The new crossover's in the Triton's integrate the drivers to near perfection, causing a much enhanced imaging and seamless transition within the projected music. After I left, I decided it wasn't revelatory or any of the other hyperbolic descriptions in this review. In fact, I have the print magazine, and the length of the review is barely three pages, maybe less.
The space used for the M&K system and the Golden Ear speakers is more appropriate for cheaper speakers, and the overall body of the review should have been a little for substantial. Why not actually hear the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage you’ll get by taking the Ear Force Stealth 500X for a test drive at one of our demo stations in a store. In fact, the salesman warned me the Triton tweeter had a narrow vertical dispersion, which is bad for my setup. You then "ordered pair of much more attractive and what I believe will be great sounding speakers." WHAT, YOU BELIEVE? I did not specifically listen for a vertical dispersion issue as he did not mention it until we were through. The same same exact pair borrowed from the dealer and auditioned in my space sounded exactly like all the reviews.
I then ordered a pair of much more attractive and what I believe will be great- sounding speakers - Aperion Grand Verus Towers, which were on sale for $799 each. Attractiveness is important in many venues, just look at high end speakers- they aren't gorgeous for no reason- it's because in your living space you may want your speaker to look good in addition to sounding good. Designed specifically for use with full custom earpieces of all kinds and is sterile and unscented. In my case, even though I mentioned to appearance of another speaker I ordered, it was not a critical factor, and since they were on several month backorder, I actually cancelled those and have since received the SVS Ultra Towers. But since I had a previous Aperion model, I did have some confidence I would like their sound.
Instead of intimating they are the equals of $30,000 speakers, it would be more useful to have a head to head comparison or at least, again, unless they are perfect transducers, to give some criticism along with the praise, more than 'they are really heavy'. Of course my SVS towers are 75lbs each without a built-in amplifier, just slightly less than the Ones' 80lbs.

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