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Even though these infants are not fully conscious of their surroundings, these sounds affect their ability to relax and sleep. Most of the residents have not even looked up - they don't hear most of what anyone says - or if they do, they cannot, or will not, respond. Sound Steps is an interactive sound concept whereby a collection of 10 mats react by means of sound when a child steps on them. The wide variety of playing activities means that the SoundSteps product can also be used in schools to support the curriculum: language, maths, cooperation, motor skills, musical development, etc. The tiles (also referred to as 'mats’) constitute the main component of the Sound Steps product.
The variety of games and the wireless application allow for a lot of freedom and imagination during play. The use of the tiles inspires active play: children have to jump or stamp on the tile to produce the sound. The interactive playing material developed incorporates various educational 'learning' elements for the primary (special needs) education sector. Another example of educational play is the language card, specifically designed for use in schools. The game cards that come with the Sound Steps product can provide schools with a unique educational and socio-emotional tool. I first met Arden & Jack Wilken while I was travelling in America in the early 80's having been introduced through a mutual friend.
I continued on my travels to Australia where I lived for several years and - amongst many other diverse experiences and adventures - explored the realms of alternative therapies. I helped organize the very first Mind, Body & Spirit shows in that country - thanks to an introduction from Jack and Arden.

I worked as a massage therapist during part of my time in Australia and then later in Spain in the 1990s, where I renewed my connection with Arden and Jack. In 1996 I returned to the UK and when I announced that I would be leaving Barcelona, the Wilkens asked me if I would like to become a distributor of their music here. And sleep is essential to helping them gain strength and live.In the midst of this, a harpist enters the ward. Her eyes are vacant - her mind somewhere far from her body and the room in which it rests.The activities director introduces a young couple.
But the two volunteers are unconcerned; they smile at each other and the seniors, and they begin to play and sing. The mats are wireless, which means they can easily be used in conjunction with existing playing materials. When playing the 'Piano' game, users can lay out the tiles like the keyboard of a piano and play a specific melody but they can also display them in the shape of a hopscotch diagram, so that a lovely tune is played when specific mats are jumped on (musical chords are produced when one jumps on more than one tile at the same time, e.g. Although the products are quite 'high-tech' on the inside, they do not appear to be so on the outside. Tests with children of various ages have taught us that this process is straight-forward for even 3-year old children. It is up to the children to choose which sounds they want to hear or which game they wish to play. They can spread them out over the floor, put them on top of chairs or tables, move them closer or further apart, turn them around, etc. It can be used in the classroom to teach children how to analyse sentences and identify e.g.
All around her are other infants in distress - the monitors attached to them bleep in time with their struggle to live.

In the 'Piano' game, for instance, each mat represents a musical note, in 'Scary Sounds' each mat hides a scary sound and in 'Memory' e.g.
Playing this educational game in this manner allows the children to be both physically and mentally involved in practising their times tables. SoundSteps does more than just offer a range of 'ready-made' games but stimulates children's imagination and creativity.
She has also reverted back to speaking German - unable to converse any longer in English, for she cannot remember the words.The young man smiles and signals to his wife.
Depending on the game one has chosen to play, Sound Steps will react to this action by producing a specific sound.
The other residents clap, and sing along with her, all of them excited to recognize her and each other.
It was only for a short while, but the music gave these lonely patients a few moments of connection, happiness, and memory.Music is Healing for All AgesEveryone from tiny infants to octogenarians experience little miracles like this every day. Some are healed, some are given a few moments of relief from pain, still others are comforted in their passage to the beyond.
It is the power of music which makes these little miracles possible.Unfortunately, much of the western medical establishment refuses to acknowledge the incredible benefits of music. It is employed regularly in only about fifteen percent of American hospitals, and is not covered by insurance.
And real people are experiencing very real results from the healing power of music, often through the efforts of volunteers, in hospices, senior centers, and in cancer and children's wards.

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