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Unlike the bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA), which is currently the most recommended option on the market for single side deafness, the acrylic SoundBite snaps right onto the user’s molars.
The device is anticipated to obtain FDA approval and if it does, it will hit the market this summer for about $6,000 (compare that to surgery for a BAHA, which can run well over $10,000.) Sonitus Medical, Abolfathi’s company, plans to negotiate with insurance providers to reimburse patients for at least part of the cost. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
Returns & Refund Guarantee details Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) once the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller. Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only. Using a mini microphone worn in the deaf ear, incoming sound is wirelessly beamed to an electronic receiver in the molar insert, which transmits sound waves from the teeth through the bones in the jaw right to the cochlea (the part of the ear that processes sound).

After consulting with a otolaryngologist friend, he set to work on the biggest challenge in the design – miniaturization.
Other applications for the technology, including wireless, water-safe MP3 players and stealth communication for intelligence personnel, are also being considered. Then, open the DHgate APP, and click on "Shopping Cart" or "My favorites" to find the product(s) you added.
After considering the options, he decided to use a piezoelectric actuator which needs very little power to generate the vibrations that travel through bone. In clinical trials, most patients reported that it restored from 80 to 100 percent of their hearing and that they hardly noticed they were wearing this little example of remarkable design for health. Using the piezoelectric actuator allowed him to use a much smaller battery, making the entire insert compact enough to fit comfortably in the mouth.

I am profoundly deaf in my left ear and have a moderate-severe loss (in high frequencies) in my right ear. If I am a candidate, I would definitely try this out, if it means that I will be able to hear with my left ear using this device.

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