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ABCs, consonants, early literacy, early literacy skills, early readers, educational, feathers, first aid, flowers, forks, fridges, fun, funny, giraffe, learning, letter F, letter recognitions, letter sounds, Mr. Playrific makes childrens apps with exciting, intelligent, educational & fun content from around the world. Our goal is to create a focal point for the ASMR community, bring all the creators together where we can have fun and really dig into the topic of ASMR.
We want to promote lesser-known ASMRtists (creators of ASMR videos) and really explore the talent that is so prevalent in the community. There is certainly no shortage of new ways to listen to music while riding, which must be a sign that it’s something a lot of people like to do. We’re guessing the bike path cyclist may be the biggest market, but Safe Sounds are particularly awesome inside of a down hill helmet. Even though the Safe Sound is designed to be used outside of the ear, O-tus will have adapters that will allow them to be clipped to your ears when not wearing a helmet.
Sound level is limited to the type of device you are using with the tiny Sandisk MP3 player attached to the back of the helmet in the first picture capable of 108db, while Apple products are limited to 90db.  Safe sounds are sold with a short standard stereo mini cord that is intended to be attached to an MP3 player of the Bluetooth module at the back of the helmet, though O-tus sells an extension to use if you want to attach them to your phone in your jersey pocket or bag.
I use the last generation iPhone earbuds stitched onto the helmet straps so the speaker points toward my ear.

I have found you can actually hear traffic better because the headphones block some wind noise. Obviously, the rider wearing headphones must always be responsible for their path on the road and not be distracted by the tunes, just like autos driving along with their music and other distractions. Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. Children can have fun too, see what they will find around their house that starts with the letter 'f'. By tucking the tiny speaker into the padding of your full face, you can get incredible sound while still hearing what’s around you. The earpieces simply snap on to the speaker and hold it onto your ear presumably using a much lower volume. Safe Sounds start at $42 for the standard model and go up to $95 for the Bluetooth combo set.
We have enough problems with drivers getting distracted by their phones and now add a cyclist distracted to that equation? 23 years of riding with headphones (responsibly, not on busy trails or on the street with lots of cars) has worked for me rather well.

My only concern would be a mountain lion pouncing on me, but then I would probably not want to hear that anyway.
I tried it on with some fairly loud rock music playing and was still able to hold a conversation with Joe from O-tus without issue. Extra mounting material can be purchased as well allowing you to set up multiple helmets so you can stick and go. Designed to simply velcro onto your helmet above your ears (or inside your helmet for full face DH lids), the tiny speakers promise big sound without drowning out the background. Even more impressive is that for such a small speaker it had surprisingly good sound quality and audible bass.

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