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From left to right: Jimmy Fong, Matt Valaskey, Bryan Mounce, Vidhya Raju, and Aditi Bharatkumar.
We will be designing a device to record the sounds due to bone conduction while a person chews.
For the first time on October 6th, we were able to connect a working microphone to the oscillator and obtain a signal.
Capturing a nice sine wave from whistling into the microphone and displaying the results on the oscilloscope. Our final prototype microphone! It consists of a small, yet powerful, microphone placed within an ear filter for comfortable placement in the ear. Worked with first microphone by setting up a circuit and connecting to the oscillator; researched the different types of circuits to capture the frequencies we need.

In this WEIRD asmr video, I am softly speaking to you and whispering from very close while chewing a candy. A group of researchers from the Wearable Computing Lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland have looked into the possibility of detecting and classifying chewing sounds as a way to directly monitor food consumption. Good quality chewing sound signal can be obtained from a microphone placed in the ear canal (like a hearing aid). Chewing sequences can be discriminated in the flow of sound that includes speaking, chewing and silence. Subjects were tested while eating potato chips, apples, mixed lettuce salads, pasta and rice. Use your vocabulary word from the story to fill in the blank below.It is up to your brain to_________________________the signals and tell you the different sounds that you hear.

At present, efforts to monitor diet are primarily manual recording of food consumed in logs (paper and electronic). Potato chips provided the highest amplitude signals, with an average of just 5.5 chews per chewing sequence.

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