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To kick off our series, we are both sharing ideas all about Painting with Balloons and creating engaging process art that your kids will love. We used a film canister to contain our paint and poked a hole in the bottom of it with a nail. Make sure to hold your finger over the hole when you fill it with paint, or you will end up with a huge mess:)  Each paint we used was a little different consistency  but you want your paint thin enough to drip out, but not run straight out the hole. Once you have the canister full of paint, stretch a blown up balloon over the top of the canister.
Don’t forget to hop on over to  Growing A Jeweled Rose and check out all the amazing fun they had creating with their balloons.

If you love process art like us, then check out my Painting Without Brushes Pinterest board.
You can read more about us or catch up on our favorite experiments, projects + art activities.

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