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As I’m sitting in the office on a nice sunny Friday morning, working to meet the deadlines, I thought about spring flowers. An Old ear cuff is a piece of jewellery designed to be worn on the cartilage part of the ear. An array of charms are often attached to these designs, either at the top end from the cuff or at the bottom from the stud. Ear cuffs can be made from a variety of different metals including gold, silver and bronze.
Adorned with dainty rhinestones in deep green and transparent, these earrings are remarkably beautiful. Repossi, Woodbury and Elise Dray offer similarly fine clip-on cuffs: all the fun of multiple piercings without the commitment or tea tree oil. More intricate gothic designs can be found as well as Angel Wing and simpler spiral or leaf designs.

The ear cuff is worn like normal, while a chain suspends and attaches to a stud that is worn on the ear lobe.
They are often made from copper or alloy instead and then coloured or plated in various colours.
At the premiere of Noah in March 2014, actress Emma Watson relied on a simple yet striking line of diamonds by Ana Khouri to add a rock n’ roll edge to her conservative black Oscar de la Renta gown.
Though much rarer, there are also much larger intricate designs that imitate dragons and other animals like Butterfly, Sanke.
The number of chains can vary widely, from as little as one chain, up to as many as five or six for a more elaborate design. These are clipped onto the ear while the remainder of the design wraps around the rest of the ear. Common designs include two chains, where one is slightly shorter than the other, creating a visible gap.

Due to weight, when ear cuffs attachments are designed this way, the cuff itself may be bigger to help sustain the added weight.
Whether a festive trail of rose gold and diamond stars snaking their way up your lobe, or a fan of gold-dipped petals peeking out above the helix, the ear is where the party’s at this festive season. But Ear-Cuffs UK's Ear Cuffs Most of Need to pierce the ear with a Statement Design, and most of only for the left ear.

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